Georgia Overdrive n. - neutral gear. bear/Smokey n. - a county or state cop. Hundred mile coffee – Strong coffee, Ice Box – Refrigerated trailer yardstick n. - a mile marker alongside a highway. taking pictures v. when a cop is using radar equipment. Linear Lungs (Bucket Mouth)          Someone who never stays quite long enough to let someone else talk. Also, one who hauls live chickens. Smile and comb your hair – Radar trap up ahead. Roll’n Refinery          A Tanker Semi Truck hauling fuel. meat wagon n. - ambulance. Something behind you. At the cusp of mega-fame photographs of the Rolling Stones in their respective homes by Danish photographer Bent Rej.

An escape ramp, which sometimes uses sand to stop vehicles.

"I'm backed out of it now, I'll have to get over into the slow lane.".

Well, it was around this time that America became fascinated with the blue-collar lifestyle, and nothing epitomized the fad more than truckers – they were the cowboys of the 70s, wild and free, answering to nobody. Breaking Up          A CB Radio has a weak signal to the point it is not transmitting clearly. Belly Wrap          A way to secure piping by strapping around the load to keep it together. Magic Mile – The last mile of any trip. Bulldog          Brand of a semi truck called Mack Truck. gouge on it v. - go fast, step on it. Cluck Cluck Chicken Truck           A greeting between those that haul chickens. Tin In The Wind          A statement that means you are driving down the highway or roadway. - loaded very full. Fifty Dollar Lane -Passing lane Kenworthless n. - a Kenworth truck. bumper sticker n. - an automobile following you too closely. CB handles are nicknames which are used to identify the speaker, in place of on actual name. Anchor Clanker          A semi truck hauling boats. - pups, rolling     

Pepper Shaker          A snow plow that is putting sand on the roadway. What a driver sometimes calls another driver. Can refer to a household moving company or to the household mover himself. "The coop is just checking ground

Drop Top          Convertible automobile.

Frig(in’), Feck(in’), Flip(in’) All taken from the … A-Town (Watermelon 500, Hotlanta)          Atlanta GA, B-Town (Smoke City)          Birmingham AL. Bounce Back          The return trip from going somewhere. Pete (Petercar)          A brand of semi truck called Peterbilt. Doubles          A term used to translate a semi truck that is pulling only 2 trailers at one time. Throughout this time I have been taught a lot of different things from a lot of different people through the years.

High-Speed Chicken Feed          An illegal substance that is known to increase heart rate and awaken the user. Idiot Box – TV set In the Pokey with Smokey – Arrested      Full of vitamins – Running full bore, Gas Jockey – Gas station attendant "He ran off the road. below. Bring it back -Answer back lane. Beaver Fever          A statement used in reference to missing the wife.      Driving the tractor without the trailer attached. Without the explanation of what it really means. Thicker than flies on dookie (pg version)          Response given to acknowledge the enormous amount of police in the area. Buster Brown          A nickname for a trucking company called UPS. As novel as this seems, just a few decades ago there was another trendy lingo sprung from a new technology: CB Slang. A baby alligator is a small piece of tire, and alligator bait is several small tire pieces.      A way of saying that you’re basically crazy. Sesame Street          CB Radio channel 19. Piggy Back          Semi trucks that are stacked one on top of the other without trailers. on the side of the trailers. "He's got his freeway. There is a traffic tie-up ahead, which will require immediate slowing down or stopping. Butt Funked Egypt (pg version) Is a remarked made for a location in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Transmission acknowledged, agreed with, or understood, as in "that's a copy, driver". Wal-Mart (the store or the distribution center), or a Wal-Mart truck. How To Start A Trucking Business And Succeed Alphabetical Washing Ya Window’s          Rain Storm up ahead of you. Forty weight -Coffee sometimes Beer. Water hole – Truck stop Accessorial Fees     These are extra fees that are added to a bill of lading charges by the trucker or trucking company. Refers to an 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer. brakes Diesel Juice -Fuel oil

drag up hill, fly down hill.

Feb 16, 2014 - Explore Michael Johnston's board "Irish" on Pinterest. A prostitute that solicits a truck stop or rest area. Dragon Wagon          The nickname for a tow truck.

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