Ever since Princess Alysia, the twin's mother died during childbirth, much of their lives were spent within a secluded manor within Ulthuan's remote backcountry. Tyrion drove them out of the woods and into the hills of southern Chrace.[3d]. Bitter defeat piled upon bitter defeat for the High Elves. It will require a bit more planning to get all the pieces in the right spot, but when it all clicks, this list has some potential. Teclis went on to study at the White Tower of Hoeth to become a Loremaster while taking time away to share adventures with Tyrion across The Old World to find treasures like Sunfang lost in the Jungles of Lustria. Despite their father's overall lack of interest in the well-being of his children, it has always been known within the family that their father favours Teclis over his other son Tyrion.

Now leading the elf army, Tyrion proved to be every bit as skillful a general as he was a warrior.

He's primarily responsible now for bringing the … He invoked the power of Lileath. Teclis used his knowledge to reawaken the Flame within Malektih, burning him from the inside. In fact, many of Prince Arathion's traits can be seen clearly upon Teclis himself. This has made Tyrion a masterful warrior and general, and in turn, this greatness makes Teclis proficient and knowledgeable in all arts and forms of magic. Used without permission. All rights reserved. Karl Franz strikes me as pretty good. Elves and men had come to blows in the past and might do so again. Yet no-one, least of all Tyrion, sees Teclis as the weaker twin - his destiny merely lies along another path. The Dark Elves were too strong and it looked as if the Everqueen, the spiritual leader of Ulthuan, would fall into their clutches. Ulric, the god Sigmar worshipped, pretty much gets killed by Teclis when he steals his ever burning fire. In campaign mode, Teclis leads the Order of Loremasters faction.

Every witness held their breath. One entire flank of the Witch King's army was held by Chaos knights and their bestial retinues. Since then, Teclis has walked abroad in many other lands, sharing his wisdom with those who have need of it, and wielding his magics to keep the dark forces of Chaos at bay. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WarhammerFantasy community. Teclis is Tyrion's twin brother, but two more different siblings would be hard to find. Being of the Line of Aenarion, each of his descendants is destined for greatness amongst the Ten Kingdoms. The old forests burned as the Dark Elves took vengeance for their long exile.

N'kari had raised an army of Daemons in numbers not seen since the time of Aenarion and in a grand battle at Moonspire temple Tyrion killed N'kari's corporal form and Teclis, using the daemons head as part of the spell he had discovered, used the power of Lileath contained within the temple to banish the daemons from the island once and for all. People often look to him as a child playing with fire and how he failed over and over again. I know lots of people give Teclis Lore of life but to me that seems like a waste I mean he can cast pretty much anything and I can see why people would want to give him lore of life but its casting values are pretty low so wouldn't he be better taking a more difficult to cast and more offensive lore like death for example please give me your thoughts The tide had turned. In numerous battles they proved their willingness to spill their own blood in defence of the lands of man and Teclis and Finreir both took many wounds. In the year 2303 IC, exactly two years after the invasion began, the Phoenix King and Tyrion met at Tor Achare, the capital of Chrace. His surprise attack routed the Chaos forces in the woods around the White Tower.

Teclis uses a combination of spells from the lores of Light, Heavens, Life, Fire, Shadow and Beasts. In Warhammer Fantasy lore, Teclis is the twin brother of Tyrion, and he was also the one who taught humans how to learn the usage of magic. Feat-wise, Nagash probably looks superior, but a lot of that is because Teclis doesn't get himself into situations where he directly has to break face. Classiest- Teclis This pool is quite good despite some big names missing. Indeed, ever since the Battle of Finuval Plain, Teclis has cemented his place in history as Malekith's only true superior. Since the days of the Great War against Chaos the two brothers have been active in the defence of Ulthuan.

[3c], His staff glowed and pulsed as the goddess fed him energy. Tyrion would lead one High Elf army to Saphery to relieve the Tower of Hoeth. In battle mode, he is physically frail, but is a powerful and versatile spellcaster. Teclis has been a divisive character over his long history, but without question, he is one of the most important beings who shaped many major events in The World That Was. Teclis is the twin brother of Tyrion, the famous Elven Hero and the widely-proclaimed Defender of Ulthuan. Tyrion was now the chosen Champion of the Everqueen, second only to the Phoenix King among the defenders of Ulthuan. Allied with the servants of the four powers of Chaos they seemed unstoppable; the gigantic Black Arks of Naggaroth vomiting forth a wave of corruption onto the shores of the Elf lands. Practically, their spells have been more useful for me in longer battles, and Teclis is able to boost the winds of magic.

Teclis found himself in the court of Magnus the Pious, future Emperor, and he listened to Teclis's counsel as his sorcery and advice proved invaluable in battle after battle. The horsemen of Ellyrion were pulled down by the foul beasts of Chaos.

The wounded Elf Lord fought like a blood-mad wolf. It merely made them different. When the news of his brother's disappearance reached the White Tower, Teclis refused to believe his brother was dead. For an entire day, the armies fought with savage fury.

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