They carry them everywhere in knife rolls, which are bags designed to house a whole bunch of very sharp knives in the safest and most discreet way possible. So now everything is flat, square, even and straight we can start the difficult and Nerve-wreaking stage off roughing in the Bevels. Tsuka (handle): 110-120mm

Motokasane (blade thickness): 5-7mm “My approach as a craftsman is to work within the creative constraints of the classical tanto form and nihonto handle mounting technology, building on a foundation of Japanese swordsmithing aesthetic and technique.”. More detailed information can be found here: Knife Use & Care. I am a bushcraft instructor with my own small company here in the Netherlands and I will carry it as part of my personal kit for doing daily jobs in the field.”. Kurikata: Oceanspray ironwood, reclaimed horn Share it with us! So this is done with a file so more than likely you're bevels won't be flat check with a square, so grab you're file and get the bevel's flat by draw filing, fairly easy step. They are a high performance design that specialises in chopping, slicing, and mincing tasks. In certain cases it may be possible to upgrade to include options that are not listed above. Design a custom tanto mounted in the classical style of your choice. Is there some care and maintenance information available? In Japanese kitchens they are typically used as a complimentary knife to the Gyuto, a much larger knife, for paring or work with smaller produce. Handle and Scabbard: reclaimed Nootka Cypress

Design a Tanto; Design A Knife; Design a Custom Tanto. The thin, straight blade cuts all the way to the cutting board in one vertical motion without breaking ingredients.

The wider profile of the mountain style tanto is inspired by a kamakura sword and has a more deeply curved tip (fukura-tsuku) and shorter drop point. Chefs of the Kanto region are traditionally reluctant to fillet eels via the belly due to the association of slicing the belly with seppuku and the honour of the Samurai warriors.

The kaiken tanto was designed to be carried in the fold of a kimono and is characterized by a smooth profile and unadorned lacquered exterior. (read more info below), Nagasa (blade length): 170-240mm Japanese Knife Templates. Step 2 – choose the type.

Fantastic, so you need to keep the template for reference all throughout the build, so let's start by drawing it onto the steel, proposing you have bare steel and it all true and clean, if not, drop back and step, grind, file, sand the mill scale off down to bare steel and draw the template on. Sori (curve): uchizori Sori (curve): uchizori or slight sori By far the lacquer takes the most wait time and different types of urushi finishes and even the season of year will greatly affect the rate of curing. made from reclaimed and natural materials. Please contact, tsuchime – hammer texture (as-forged surface shows marks of hammer and fire), kaji togi – stone finish (blade is smoothed with files and a coarse stone before hardening), togi – polished (blade is smoothed with fine stones after hardening), habaki (blade collar, improves hold in the scabbard), without habaki (not recommended for large blades), chisagatana (slightly extended around all sides), nata (slightly extended/flared on the edge side), cord wrap ferrule (lacquered cotton or hemp), none (no cord loop, smooth kaiken style scabbard), tanto (loop on omote side for edge-up cross draw), nata (loop on ura side for edge-back right hand side carry), fukiurushi (smooth wiped-on layer, often in natural brown colour), ishimeji (stone-like texture created with urushi and crushed tea leaves), negoro (“worn-look” fukiurushi done with two colors), lacquered cord wrap (full handle wrap, saturated with urushi), or some combination (including giving unlimited creative license to the maker), natural (a red-brown when used for fukiurushi, a dark chocolate when used for ishimeji), black (shows some wood through with fukiurushi, very deep black with ishimeji), antique crimson (very deep red/brown with plum undertones), black and red (streaked “negoro” or texture fill, varies greatly), natural and black (streaked “negoro” or texture fill, more subtle), natural and red (streaked “negoro” or texture fill, more subtle), or some combination (including giving creative license to the maker), or give unlimited creative license to the maker, ishimeji (stone-like texture created with crushed tea leaves), negoro (“worn-look” matte surface done with two colors), natural (a red-brown when smooth, a dark chocolate when used for ishimeji), black and antique crimson (streaked “negoro” or texture fill, more subtle), natural and black (streaked “negoro” or texture fill, very subtle), none (smooth, most common kaiken style scabbard), horn (cow or buffalo, availability/colour varies), ring style (must be paired with a metal koiguchi), shikagawa (deer rawhide, must be paired with gangimaki, cotton, or leather wrap), samegawa (rayskin rawhide, can be lacquered, or paired with gangimaki or leather wrap), leather lace ito (style of wrap depends on handle reinforcement), lacquered samegawa (handle reinforcement must be samegawa), hardwood (Sapele with fukiurushi lacquer finish), lacquered cotton cord (tough and utilitarian style). Koiguchi: reclaimed horn, copper bus bar, salvaged steel, or wrought iron The aikuchi tanto is characterized by the meeting of handle and scabbard and may be fully lacquered or combined with a lacquered samegawa handle. Hand forged and traditionally crafted in the classical style. Due to the handmade and unique nature of the tanto they are each different and may vary noticeably in measurement or style.

Nakago (tang): 100-110mm More details and the standard terms for ordering tanto can be found here: Terms & Conditions, Want to order a smaller satoyama style kotanto instead? Choose the Style. Handle core: reclaimed Nootka Cypress or Sapele Nakago (tang): 100-110mm How long will it take to complete my tanto? Tsuka (handle): 100-110mm :), 150mm Digital Calipers. Want to select the option, “get creative” but don’t want any red, for example? Yanagi-ba (literally "willow blade knife") and Takobiki (literally "octopus slicer") are typical of Japanese sushi and sashimi knives. Motohaba (blade width): 23-29mm The blade geometry is specialised to the Japanese way of performing these three tasks, and it will require a brief period of time to become familiar with the cutting techniques this requires. Nakago (tang): 100-110mm

Variation shown: hammer finish blade, copper chisagatana guard, natural brown fukiurushi on handle, and natural brown ishimeji lacquered scabbard. Can I get more specific about certain finish and colour requests? Download includes full size PDF templates for the knife blank and handle scale. Do it here. When your payment is received the project will begin, each tanto is made to order, one at a time, by hand from reclaimed and natural materials.

Can I send you my own legacy raw materials? Are they really made by hand? Metalworking/Woodworking page - Facebook - Twitter -, Instagram - All Rights Reserved. In Western Kitchens, this knife excels as a carving knife. a raw material or component not listed), please include your request as an order note. I like the color of the steel and the fact that it is differentially hardened. Nagasa (blade length): 200-220mm (read more info below), Nagasa (blade length): 140-210mm

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