If you are the moderator of a conference (everyone is a moderator if you are using meet.jit.si), you can mute everyone's microphone. If you need to provide the logs for a GitHub issue, send them to Dev Mailing List and link to the thread in the archive or create a Gist and link to it. Yes, developers take feature requests into account. B741B63E-C5E6-4D82-BAC4-048BE25D8CC7). § I’d like to see a new feature in Jitsi, can you do that for me? Jitsi is Free.

Send an email to the development list with a detailed description of the requested feature.

This requires you (or someone else) to enter a username and password to open a room. Other web services become unusable; even simple web sites take an unacceptably long time to load.

At the heart of Jitsi are Jitsi Videobridge and Jitsi Meet, which let you have conferences on the internet, while other projects in the community enable other features such as … They are separate measures meant to protect you against separate attacks or problems. I set the password in meeting but it is not working the next time. When requesting its provisioning information Jitsi can transmit any of a number of parameters to the server, like for example: the OS it is running on, user credentials, a unique ID and others. Install & Config. Like Zoom – But with Unlimited Time. Jitsi now powers all 8x8 Video Meetings and continues to grow in the heart of many successful initiatives. How can I protect my meetings with Jitsi? The client of the conference organizer acts as a video router. The patch itself should be generated from within the project root directory using unified diff format. Please send your suggested changes to the dev mailing list.

Note: the relationship between storage = "" and your prosody version, and you need to modify all storage="" . § Are my chat sessions protected and if so, how? Can I mute and unmute other participants? In addition to the tips above, consider enabling the "secure domain" configuration. Short Answer: The ekiga.net SIP servers are configured in a way that prevent Jitsi (and many other SIP user agents for that matter) to register with the service. Are my chat sessions protected and if so, how? § Is there an an Android version of Jitsi? This means that registration from Jitsi would fail unless you actually have a public IP address.

(and how about TURN, UPnP and Jingle Nodes?). For all urgent queries you could also use IRC at irc.freenode.net, channel #jitsi. The current defaults represent these objectives: most people would prefer for their private communication not to be readable by third parties and most of the time people use Jitsi from personal devices where they are in control of the access policy. It also allows you to become a moderator. Does Jitsi support STUN? You can do so by clicking on Tools→Options (Jitsi→Preferences on OS X), then selecting the “Advanced” tab and opening the “Logging” form. Using them you can host a meeting flawlessly. (and how about TURN, UPnP and Jingle Nodes?). I’d like to see a new feature in Jitsi, can you do that for me? Once the meeting ends it's password also gets removed, so you need to set the password again for next meeting. If they give the password to others, those other people can also join. You can find more on the OTR mechanisms here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Off-the-Record_Messaging. P2P mode is working, but it fails when you are trying to pass traffic via jitsi-videobridge2.

This way the provisioning server can fine-tune the parameters it sends to Jitsi. Have you created your own accounts.properties file in the lib directory? Check ‘em out! Is there an iPhone/iPad version of Jitsi? You may want to set some "ground rules" for who can talk and when, just as with any physical meeting or classroom. The Jitsi INVITE requests may often exceed the maximum allowed packet size (MTU) for your network or that of your server.

While this is by far the most reliably way of traversing NATs, it does indeed imply some scalability constraints. On some Linux distributions such as Debian, the ant package is actualy subdivided into multiple packages. If you are looking for Jitsi Meet, the WebRTC compatible video conferencing product click here. OTR stands for Off-the-Record Messaging and once you’ve set it up (i.e. § How do I contact the project developers?

JsPhone departs from the JAIN SIP reference implementation project, and becomes a separate project on java.net.

How do you spell Jitsi and what does it mean? If you would like to limit who can become a moderator, you need to set up your own instance of Jitsi and enable "secure domain". Please DO NOT paste the log as a comment. 8x8 acquires the Jitsi Technology and team from Atlassian.

How do I get the latest Jitsi source code? 3. Then, add the options below that. Discussion related to the Meet UI, Meet features, Meet use cases, the meet.jit.si app, and basic usage of Jitsi products intended for end users. They would also need to easily turn this off and potentially even erase previous history. SIP communicator is completely rearchitected, adopting a new OSGi based design to make it easier to write plugins for the project. Upcoming Hackathon: Thriving in a Remote Environment – November 10-17- Sign up now! Also note that both you and your partner need to have unhindered outgoing UDP access to the Internet or at least to your VoIP service provider.

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