If you are suffering from CLOY withdrawal symptoms, chew on these facts of the man behind Captain Ri, popular South Korean actor, Hyun Bin. He will surely be in a romantic relationship in the near future.

However, He could be secretly dating someone. Hyun Bin was born as Kim Tae-Pyung on September 25, 1982 in Songpa District, South Korea. [33][34][35], In 2011, Hyun appeared in two films that were released back to back; Come Rain, Come Shine, a minimalist breakup indie directed by Lee Yoon-ki, and Late Autumn directed by Kim Tae-yong.

He has not mentioned a single word about his parent's information with the public.

[85], In 2018, Hyun starred in crime thriller The Negotiation, playing a villain role for the first time, alongside Son Ye-jin;[86][87] and zombie blockbuster Rampant (which was co-produced by VAST Entertainment).

He came to limelight after appearing 2005 romantic comedy television drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon. Hyun Bin was born Kim Tae-Pyung on 25 September 1982, in Jamsil-dong, Seoul in South Korea. In the drama inspired by the literary character, he plays a man with split personality disorder whose two personas both fall for the same woman. Hyun Bin … In 2008, he acted in director Yoon Jong-chan's film I Am Happy, playing Man-soo, a man who suffers from mental illnesses. They argue and develop feelings for each other but things get complicated when Hyun Bin’s ex tries to win him back. Fortunately, Hyun Bin made it in and became one of Korea’s most recognised actors. His parents were initially unsupportive of his career.

[81] He then starred in crime action film The Swindlers, along with Yoo Ji-tae, about a prosecutor who plans to catch a con man who has swindled a large sum of money. He does not like to share his information with the media. Eagle-eyed fans apparently spotted the 2 actors holding hands under the table while on-set.

Crash Landing on You was an opportunity that presented itself “sooner than he expected” and they worked very closely in many scenes. My Lovely Sam Soon was a massive hit with average ratings of over 37% and recorded 50.5% for the finale, making it one of the highest-rated Korean drama of all time. Throughout his career, he has been nominated for many awards, including five at the Baeksang Arts Awards, and won various acting recognition. This event was held in remembrance of the historically significant event when the Marines won back the capital Seoul that had been taken during the 6.25 Korean War. Hyun Bin won the world over with his lead role as a handsome and caring North Korean army captain in Crash Landing on You.

Hyun seems to be single as of now. The Korea Times describes him as “an actor of a few words”, who prefers to shy away from the limelight. Hyun Bin expressed that the rumours in no way affected him choosing his projects or his professional relationships. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Hyun is at the peak of his career. The show’s popularity also cemented his name in the minds of K-drama fans worldwide.

A Non Profit Organization that let all Hyun Bin fans Worldwide unite . Relationship Status of Hyun Bin. The same year, he returned to the small screen with fantasy suspense drama Memories of the Alhambra alongside Park Shin-hye. If the show was the first time you paid notice to the Korean actor, here are some facts that will get you gushing over him even more. Still, he maintained a humble demeanour as his agency celebrated his final day of shoot with a cake, while smiling and waving for his fans. Hyun Bin drew praise from critics for his performance in melodrama film Late Autumn, which was screened at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. Although Bin is single as of now, he had been involved in some famous relationship before this.

), Hyun Bin, Tang Wei Cast in Korea-US Project, Actor Hyun Bin is on the rise in America, too, Late Autumn becomes the all-time highest grossing Korean film in China. He graduated from Youngdong High School [102] and then studied at Chung-Ang University, where, in 2004, he majored in Theater Studies. [96], In 2020, Hyun is set to star as a NIS agent in the thriller film Bargaining, directed by Yim Soon-rye. He was in the marines, and was even named as an exemplary soldier. Born with the name Kim Tae Pyung on 25 September 1982 in South Korea to Kim Won-hong father, Hyun has an older brother. [36][37][38][39] It became the highest grossing Korean film released in China to date, taking in more than US$9.5 million over two weeks, which was unprecedented for a melodrama. [100] Hyun is also included as a member in the "Honor Society", a group of major private donors, for his many donations to different causes. — Manny V. In addition to pledging his love for his parents, the 19-year-old said in an Instagram post shared A Letter for Parents from a Parent. [93][94] The drama was a huge success and is the third-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history,[95] and Hyun was praised for his versatile range of emotions and acting skills.

Hyun's relationship history started in the late 2000s. [98] In February 2016, Hyun was involved in an awareness campaign against animal cruelty. Now, though, fans are claiming in several online communities that the two are back together. [64], Hyun spent most of 2013 shooting commercials as an in-demand product endorser,[65][66][67][68] and holding fan meetings all over Asia.

If the show was the first time you paid notice to the Korean actor, here are some facts that will get you gushing over him even more. Hyun Bin continued to score serious roles in dramas but not in romantic comedies until 2010’s breakout hit, Secret Garden. He ran a 6.25 km long course with 400 exemplary senior marines. In the romantic comedy, he plays the owner of a restaurant who hires Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) to be his baker. They caught feelings pretty quickly after they met on a shoot in 2006. Fans lapped up his body-switching character and welcomed his lovable oppa personality, which contrasted with all the serious roles he had been taking on.

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