When the Black Death arrives in Norway in 1349, Kristin dedicates herself to nursing the ill. It's a long book and I feel like really did watch all of Kristin's life unfold.

Høvringen is the main entrance to Rondane National Park, the first national park in Norway. I read one or two of Undset's shorter books, but they didn't have the power of the two big ones. The characters are all larger than life, and we asssume they must be representative of the culture and myths of Norway. Normally, I would never read a book that covers a person's life to the end, but THIS, THIS was a well-done masterpiece.

Kristin Lavransdatter is the story story of a warm and determined woman. The Master of Hestviken is a tetralogy about medieval Norway written by Sigrid Undset. Simon Darre (also called Simon Andresson), initially engaged … When I was in college, a kid in a writing class I was in opined that the only worthy books were about "extraordinary people or extraordinary situations." The description of motherhood and all its joys and sorrows were perfectly described and came alive in beautiful descriptions. [ and Kristin is predictably heroic as she retreats to a convent and emerges to treat the ill before succumbing herself to death. I really enjoyed this book, because the characters seem very real and it is historically accurate. . An impressive undertaking. The epic of all re-readable epics, Kristin Lavransdatter is a three book series that must be read through to the end, for it is one story covering the whole life of the protagonist. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Kristin Lavransdatter is the daughter of Lavrans, a charismatic, respected nobleman in a rural area of Norway, and his wife Ragnfrid, who suffers from depression after the loss of three infant sons and the crippling of her younger daughter Ulvhild in an accident.

During this time, in part to spite Kristin's coldness towards him, he has a one-night affair with another woman, who finds letters on him related to the plot and turns him into the authorities.

The book has been awarded with PEN …

Undset, a diligent student of history, definitely has her facts right, but her writing soars as well. They have had two children together, Orm and Margret, who have no legal rights since they were born of an adulterous relationship. After handing the farm over to her third son and his wife, Kristin returns to Trondheim, where she is accepted as a lay member of Rein Abbey. Undset is a Nobel Prize in Literature winner, so it is not surprising that her prose is solid, although not particularly poetic. by Penguin Books.

Welcome back. She finds comfort and conciliation in her Catholic faith. There are no really evil characters in this novel; no villain is threatening the happiness of Kristin’s home. It’s full of great selections for ward book groups or casual readers that are ready to take it up a notch! Later, when you are older and your grandchildren come for a visit they are unruly, as ill mannered as their father, and hard to enjoy, yet you watch their faces as they sleep and revel in their perfect beauty. Despite being betrothed to a neighboring landowner's son, Simon Darre, Kristin falls in love with Erlend Nikulaussøn, from the estate of Husaby in Trøndelag. If your library has it, you should check it out--or come to Zurich and take my copy home with you.

Erlend becomes a leader in a plot to depose the king and install the last king's son on the throne. One of the characteristics of this great book is the way it combines historical accuracy with emotional veracity. The individual novels are Kransen (The Wreath), first published in 1920, Husfrue (The Wife), published in 1921, and Korset (The Cross), published in 1922.

I met Kristin Lavransdattar in 1961 and loved it.

It was also criticized for expurgations, as some scenes, particularly sexually explicit ones, had been omitted or edited. Here is a sample of a more recent translation, showing Tiina Nunnally’s skillful use of alliteration and poetic imagery. In the story he is the son of Åshild and cousin to Erlend. Out of shame, she keeps this a secret from everyone, including Erlend, and is wed with her hair loose and wearing the family bridal crown —- privileges reserved for virgin brides. This is considered a great work of literature, and Ms. Undset received the Nobel prize. Much like Tolstoy, Undset has a gift for bringing us in the side door of a family and finding us a spot at the dinner table. Lavrans forbids their relationship, but after three years of Kristin's defiance and the death of Ulvhild, he no longer has the strength to oppose Kristin. Danielle Evans was just 26 when she released her short story collection Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self in 2010, a multi-award-winning... To see what your friends thought of this book, The newer translation by Tiina Nunally is preferred by most readers, I think - it's quite beautiful and modern sounding, very straightforward and more. Sigrid Undset won the Nobel Prize in Literature for Kristin Lavransdatter while still in her prime and it was well earned. In a quiet moment together, Lavrans places on her finger his own ring, one that he had requested never to be taken from his finger. I read one or two of Undset's shorter books, but they didn't have the power of the two big ones. Was the Extinction of the Rocky Mountain Locust the Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy? To join the discussion, go to www.backtothebestbooks.com. We follow her progress through her long, difficult marriage, the joys and sorrows of raising seven sons, the onset of old age, and to the close of her life. Her heart was as heavy as stone, and she felt as if there was lead in her limbs as she climbed the stairs to the loft where they had laid him out.” (86), Kristin Lavransdatter is a work that invites you into another world, yet leaves you with many insights about your own. I read it about 30 years ago in the old translation and loved it, but the Tiina Nunnaly rendering is beautifully simple, without the creaking archaisms of the other, which was done in the 1930s, I think. As Pogo so eloquently said; “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Recognizing that fact can make us more compassionate toward those we love, and who struggle to love us. [5], Undset's characterizations of the ethnology, geography, and history of 14th-century Norway have held up as archaeological and literary evidence has emerged since its writing. They are depicted as young married people, playing with their baby son. Here, news spreads of the death of Arne, Kristin’s first love: “It was a biting, cold night, the snow creaked underfoot, and the stars glittered, as dense as frost, in the black sky. Undset also wrote a few historical figures into the novel: Kristin Lavransdatter was notable and to some extent controversial in its time for its explicit characterization of sex in general and female sexuality in particular; and its treatment of morally ambiguous situations. Just wonderful. As an omnibus, the length of this classic trilogy is daunting; it was on my to-read list for years before I decided to read just the first, 300-page book.

The descriptions of the natural setting and the way she described characters makes it one of the best novels I've read. I am glad I spent the summer reading this book, since it included so much history and such unique characters. It is written from a woman's point of view and this makes for much of the trilogy's uniqueness. Other Resources.

It was the main basis for Undset being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. My estimation of the book may be influenced by the fact that I purchased and read it in Norway while spending two months there visting family. While I found it to be a good story (and found several quotes to ponder and keep,) it felt clunky and rough. Later as queen dowager, she played an important part in politics during the minority of her son King Eirik II of Norway. It is a story of love, emotions, marriage, motherhood, and life's mysteries.

and realized that Undset deeply knew human nature and that AR did not. But while today that might be seen as a virtue, it is decidedly not portrayed as such in Kristin Lavransdatter.

[4] For her translation of the third book, Korset (The Cross), Nunnally was awarded the PEN Translation Prize in 2001. About two years ago I bought a used copy of Sigrid Undset's Ida Elizabeth hoping for the same engagement, but I couldn't get into it. The feeling remains with me, but I can't remember details although it lived with me for many years. Lat. Shortly after she learns that her two eldest sons have succumbed to the plague, she herself succumbs to the plague, but not before performing a final good deed which allows her to die in peace. This was published nearly a century ago, so I. Her sons rally around her, and Lavrans rides to inform Erlend. Her father was an archeologist and her mother served as his illustrator and secretary, and Sigrid grew up among the artifacts of her native land. The second book opens with Kristin's arrival at Husaby. Kristin's parents make a brief appearance in this book, near the end of the part called "The Snake Pit". Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This is not a feminist book. The unfortunate life of Olav, the main character of "The Master of Hestviken", stands in stark contrast to the happiness and good fortune of the young couple, though Kristin's parents eventually lose all their sons in infancy, and suffer many other misfortunes and sorrows. The original translation into english by Charles Archer, which I tried to read unsuccessfully several years ago, is filled with unauthentic arhaic language that is not true to Sigrid Undset's original Norwegian text which was written in clear and beautiful modern prose despite its medieval context. Against the advice of everyone who knows better, you marry that charming man with a weak character. The old translation was artificially archaic. Erlend and Kristin are formally betrothed, but she becomes pregnant before the wedding. I enjoyed volume 1 (4-stars), made it through volume 2 - just, (3-stars), staggered through volume 3 only through judicious skimming (2-stars) so am settling for a 3-star rating overall with individual thoughts on each volume below: [ who, unaccountably, is in love with weepy Kristin. When she spoke again, her voice was calm and quiet: “I had not thought, my husband, that I had been so dear to you.”, “Aye, but you were”; he spoke as evenly as she.”  (505). We know what’s for dinner, how it is eaten and what the room looks like where it is served.

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