MaleficFamilicideSabotageMass murderAdulteryConspiracySororicideKidnappingAbuseMutilationBlackmailTheftAnimal crueltyVandalismStalkingTreasonBrainwashing After confronting Katrina Crane out of jealousy and accidentally plummeting to her death, she became a vengeful spirit that would haunt the site of her demise for more than two centuries.

The morning after the encounter, Lady Van Tassel notices how Crane has been so careful not to look at her hand or ask how she cut it, which would have been polite of him. After seeing that the skull has been stolen and witnessing the murders of the Killian family and Ichabod starts to believe that a conspiracy links all the deaths together, deducing that all who knew about Van Garrett's new will were the victims of the Horseman (except for Brom, who was only killed in self-defense). Alice in Wonderland (2010): Red Queen | Knave of Hearts | Card Soldiers | The Jabberwock | Jubjub Bird | Hamish Ascot

The morning after the encounter, Lady Van Tassel notices how Crane has been so careful not to look at her hand or ask how she cut it, which would have been polite of him.

Crane wurde im 18. Brown Lady Crane, Elizabeth Fenwick-Van Tassel (poisoned by Lady Van Tassel), Peter Van Garrett (decapitated by the Hessian), Dirk Van Garrett (decapitated by the Hessian), Emily Winship (decapitated by the Hessian), Emily Winship's unborn child (decapitated by the Hessian), Jonathan Masbath (decapitated by the Hessian), Samuel Phillipse (decapitated by the Hessian), Beth Killian (decapitated by the Hessian), Thomas Killian (decapitated by the Hessian), Brom Van Brunt (chopped off in half through the waist by the Hessian, though the latter only did it out of self-defense since Brom wasn't chosen to be a victim and was trying to stop him), Sarah (decapitated by Lady Van Tassel to fake her death), Crone Witch (decapitated by Lady Van Tassel, who turns out to be her sister), James Hardenbrook (hanged himself out of guilt), Thomas Lancaster (bludgeoned to death with a wooden cross by Reverend Steenwyck), Baltus Van Tassel (impaled and decapitated by the Hessian).

Hair As New York police constable Ichabod Crane arrives to Sleepy Hollow following the murders of Sir Van Garrett, his son Dirk, and the widow Emily Winship, Lady Van Tassel pretends to be supportive with him.

Fortunately, Crane and young Masbath arrive to rescue Katrina and they head to the Western Woods to evade the arriving Horseman. One night, Crane and Masbath's son see a mysterious cloaked figure holding a lantern, disappearing into the Western Woods. Light blue Moloch †Jeremy Crane † Crane's house Deducing that the cut was made when the woman was already dead, Crane realizes that Lady Van Tassel is the true culprit behind the murders the entire time. [3], Siehe auch: Soldatenhandel unter Landgraf Friedrich II.

Mary disliked Katrina Crane upon their meeting because she thought that Katrina was trying to steal Ichabod, despite her being engaged to Abraham Van Brunt. Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community.

Mary Wells was the Weeping Lady of Sleepy Hollow and the former lover of Ichabod Crane. Fortunately, Crane and young Masbath arrive to rescue Katrina and they head to the Western Woods to evade the arriving Horseman.

Nach der Feier und nachdem ihm Katrina einen Korb gegeben hat, reitet Ichabod traurig durch die Dunkelheit heim. With the mystery behind the murders solved, Crane happily goes back to New York, taking Katrina and young Masbath with him.

Ichabod ist hier kein Detektiv aus New York, sondern ein wandernder Schulmeister aus Pennsylvania, der überall vorübergehend eine Stellung annimmt, wo gerade kein Dorflehrer vorhanden ist. Green Biographical Information Hilfe bei seinen Ermittlungen bekommt Crane zunächst nur von Katrina van Tassel, der schönen Tochter seines wohlhabenden Gastgebers, und vom jungen Masbath, dessen Vater ebenfalls ein Opfer des kopflosen Reiters wurde. However, Mary's sister refused to be a part of this and broke off whatever ties she had with Mary. Species

Voiced by With Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon.

Movies Es wird angenommen, dass Irving die Figur Ichabod Crane nach dem US-Offizier Ichabod B. Crane benannt hat. Lady Crane is a background character in Tim Burton's 1999 film, Sleepy Hollow, who is a witch and she's married with Lord Crane, a violent and religious man. Her corpse is later discovered by the innocent Ichabod. Mary confronted Katrina about her seduction of Ichabod Crane before she left. Family

Schließlich gelingt es Crane, Lady van Tassel den Schädel des Enthaupteten abzunehmen. Ichabod Crane ist Police Constable im New York des Jahres 1799.

Two years later, she heads over to the Tree of the Dead, where the Hessian's grave is marked at.

Batman & Robin: Poison Ivy | Mr. Allies:

Katrina wendet sich wegen dieses Verdachts von Crane ab.

Hobby Frankenweenie (2012) | However, Crane (who had managed to survive the shot due Katrina's magic book intercepting it inside his coat) manages to get the stolen skull while young Masbath knocks out Lady Van Tassel with a large branch.

Dumbo (2019), Soldatenhandel unter Landgraf Friedrich II.

One day, while gathering firewood, Mary and her sister ran into the bloodthirsty Hessian hiding from the arriving American soldiers.

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