Purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator April 2016. My sister’s 4 year old Kenmore with a LG compressor also just died! So if the case is dismissed does that mean LG does not have to pay for damages or compressor repairs? When we first purchased ours 2 years ago a repairman came out twice to fix ice maker. Waiting 3 more days for another tech, he tells us other parts had to be order and unplugs the fridge. You’d think they would do something so I would have a new refrigerator before my out of town company arrives for Christmas!

Here in Canada, our $3000+ Kenmore Elite fridge (which is really an LG rebranded) gave up it’s compressor to the ‘Great Compressor Heaven in the Sky’ yesterday, to join the thousands of other dead compressors lounging about. As long as the doors are not shut tight, the bulb will be kept on. Was told the compressor is bad and the parts are now on back order with no date when it will be in. Purchased LG refrigerator new in 2015. got my lg fridge in April 2016 and the compressor just went out couple days ago.

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