You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Side imaging helps detect high walleyes or baitfish that spook out from the 2D sonar, particularly since the cone is only a few feet wide near the water's surface. It has a color range which can allow you to better see the imaging provided and easily navigate to targets, so you never miss potential catches. At that speed walleyes are only in the cone for a brief second and it will be a small mark even if it's a large walleye. Walleye are smart fish. This quick process will allow you to adjust your sensitivity properly when fishing new waters also. There can be a lot of unproductive water between

My buddy Mike Bredlaw is a walleye-catching machine with a 1/2-ounce slab-style spoon, like a Luhr-Jensen Cast Champ. There is a surprising amount of rock and gravel in certain locations, though most are in small out of the way places along the edge of the flats. This is done to feel for a fish’s weight that may have bitten the jig on the fall, or while it’s resting on bottom. donrg1. There are fish finders with features such as GPS. Wax worms are generally white in color and hold up in the cold well. Even if they didn't, graphing at two to four miles per hour is about as efficient as cleaning your tub with a toothbrush. Remember that bigger is not better for eating quality with walleye. Once I knew what I was looking for, I could find it on the down-sonar, but it literally jumped out at me on the side-imaging. Experiment with different screen color pallets to find those that make it easier to differentiate fish that are close to bottom to help detect more of these elusive bottom huggers. There’s something about this surrounding depth of water walleye like. Locating and Catching Walleye. It’s in these zones that long-time Lake Nipissing guide Rob Hyatt focuses his efforts from early morning on.

There’s no use making things more difficult than they need to be, yet sometimes along the way what’s learned is in and of itself valuable. When he’s fishing for fun, Miles is out at the crack of dawn. What Is a Fish Finder and Benefits of Using It. Murata says wood can be gold on deep, clear lakes with little vegetation. You need this tool if you want to leverage available technology to improve the outcomes of your fishing trips. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. It was built to find fish, and it excels at doing so. One presentation option to run baits at a spe­cific depth is the snap weight 50/50 method. Think Like a Walleye. Walleye-anglers are a traditional bunch in-general. Add to this the Quick draw Contour plot software and the joined GPS, and you have available one of the best fish finders. There are some fish finders for less than $200 available in market, but most are very cheaply made and not improve your ability to catch fish in a relevant way. Perhaps the best way to introduce yourself to the technology is to image an area you already know, preferably if you know it holds fish. P.O. There are over 4,000 pre-loaded maps of fishing lakes which are popular, and the option to save details onto the GPS data of the maps. You need details on the depth of locations as well as the presence of obstacles to navigate the waters exactly to your catch. Still, I’ve heard it mentioned in even upper echelons of walleye nerdery, that Side-Imaging is only for “bass-guys.”. Adjust your sensitivity so that you can see this second return, but not so much that it is overpowering. Other days fish gorge until 10 o’clock. originalDevice: deviceType:desktop.

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