WIKIMOTORS. Intake and exhaust manifolds have been improved.

'height' : 60, M42b18 turbo. Camshafts specs are as follows: duration 240 deg, lift 9.7 mm. 136 PS 1991-1994, Corrado 53i (KR) 16V 1,8 Ltr. Successful tuning of BMW M42 should start with purchasing of M50B25/M54B30. 150 PS 1993-1996, Scirocco II 53B (KR) GTX 16V 1,8 Ltr.

4 Turbo Mk1 93-97 VK-384-ECO3-H 139,70. 129 PS 1986-1991, Passat B3 35i (9A) 16V 2,0 Ltr. 139 PS 1985-1989, Scirocco II 53B (PL) GTX 16V 1,8 Ltr.

The only thing which is out of any questions is timing chain. servus, kann mir jemand helfen ich suche turbokits für alle e46 dreier modelle ausser m3 also ab 320er aufwärts ich suche schon eine ganze weile nach einem geeigneten kit ab 300ps aber finde nichts! 16V Turbo-Kit für VW Motoren 1.8ltr (KR, PL) und 2.0ltr (9a, ABF) - Abgastemperaturanzeige - Ansaugbrücke kurz 16v aus Aluguss - Benzindruckregler 0-10 Bar mit Manometer - Benzinpumpe extern 270L/Std. In addition this engine has different crankshaft, lighter pistons and connecting rods which are 140 mm length. Speaking about common problems, M42 has malfunctions equal to M40B18. !

Engine has a very reliable timing chain.

129 PS 1987-1991, Golf 3 1H (ABF) 16V 2,0 Ltr. In addition you will also need to buy stronger springs, cold air intake, performance exhaust system and ECU modification to suit all these upgrades. We offer the largest selection of BMW supercharger kits and BMW supercharger applications, at the lowest prices. Najlepsze oferty w atrakcyjnej cenie. 'params' : {} Kit turbo N54 135i 335i 335is 535i 740i X6 Z4 . document.write(' Top