AstrologyAnswers.Com Review- Is AstrologyAnswers A Psychic Scam? Holland's claims were leading many to believe that if someone talks about committing suicide, they would never actually do it. These psychic twins are probably most known for their crazy predictions that kind of turn out true. Definitely smells fishy to us.

In 2013, Coffey appeared on a Minneapolis morning show where he came back to follow up on a psychic reading of the host only to learn that none of his predictions had actually played out. Whitedove claims to be able to speak with spirits on the other side, and is known for her frank, straightforward readings. The medium has appeared on different shows on the Lifetime network and has done appearances on other shows like Deal or No Deal and America's Psychic Challenge. Year after year, different TV shows and books feature psychic mediums, claiming to give the public answers about what happens to us after we die, and helping us connect with loved ones that we wish we could speak to again.

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