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The Djinn of Truth and Conviction and Hakuryuu's second Djinn. He was the first human to discover the existence of Rukh in Alma Torran—which back then, intriguingly, was black. Uses Strength/Power magic. When Sinbad became god, Arba escaped and concluded that the David in the Sacred Palace was not David's real body.

Solomon was a strong magician born in Alma Torran.

She shown interest in Alibaba's story about how he ended up in a dimension where Ill Ilah was stored. She was one of the supporters of King Solomon and also the ancestress of Gyokuen Ren whom she later took possession. Gyokuen RenHakuei RenWitchEmpress Regnant MagiMagician

King Solomon Arba Arba also have an inhuman resistance to pain such as how (in possession of Hakuei) she was able to fight Yunan after having all her skin blown off from a powerful lightning attack and can completely reform herself after being blown to pieces afterwards. or was this intentionally done to create an open ending for the reader to interpret? Wahid and Falan's son. Whenever she can sense Ill Ilah or is in presence of it, Arba tears up often times smiling and celebrating it as well. Despite his typically serious nature, he enjoyed spending quality time with them and having fun.

Goals Before falling into depravity, she did not express remorse when she brutally murdered an impersonator everyone thought was David. Aladdin manages to escape but Arba tried to capture him until she encountered Hakuryuu where he tricked her into giving up important information to her. In the beginning, they both didn't seem to get along because of their heavily differing moral codes; however, after Sheba realized that what she was thinking and doing was wrong, Solomon said he had started to like her a bit better.

A few months later, they become lovers and Sheba becomes pregnant with Solomon's child.

Angry at how things turned out, Arba left and returned to her doll wondering how she could not posses Hakuryuu. He's in his teens (later early twenties) while she's around 100 years old and she's been his closest confidant and somewhat of a mother figure to him since he was a little kid. Kougyoku's Djinn and the Djinn of Sorrow and Isolation.

Arba was also open-minded to the conversation with Alibaba, Aladdin, Ugo, and Sinbad about changing Sinbad's will on the world. kills himself, he states to his son Solomon how he never once thought of him in that way.

After some time pass, Hakuryuu and Judar confronts her and fights her. Al-ThamenAlma Torran (former)The Orthodox Church (former)

Or was this set up for the adventures of sinbad?. Hakuryuu Ren, Judar, Seiryuu Ri & Kokuhyou Shuu vs Gyokuen Ren, Hakuryuu, Morgiana & Aladdin vs Hakuei Ren, Arba like many of her former friends was skilled in manipulating magoi and controlling large quantity of magoi. Ill Ilah | I was not ready for this… I want him back! Allies The king of Alma Torran and the leader of La Résistance in his youth.

After losing her fight against Aladdin, Arba lost most of her power. "Not long after that, your brother, Jedidiah, was adopted – Solomon and Arba's second child," Focalor added. The Djinn of Severity and Fascination, captured by Dianus Artemyria. despite his actions motivating Al-Thamen to destroy Alma Torran. When he appeared to feel guilty about the things his father had done, Sheba attempted to comfort him and told him that she and the rest of the rebellion would always stand by his side and support him, which made Solomon smile and thank her.

Sinbad was able to exploit this same system and use it against him to take control of the Sacred Palace.

She was also very intelligent and tactical as she was able to use her powers to overthrow Alma Torran with a powerful army. Arba

He is able to do this, in that he can see not just past memories, but those of the future. Later in the story Arba insists on this not being true, and Il Ilah having his own mind. Chapters 236 & 237 reveal that he is the one who created the current universe. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

[4], Over at the Kou Empire's Paimon Dungeon site, Nerva and Arba observe Morgiana's group protecting the people from the angels. At first he is just a baby, but we later see him grow older. The Djinn of Arrogance and Massacre owned by Barbarossa, uses Strength/Power type magic to manipulate Metal. Oh, and Arba who has murdered people, abused little children (even her own ones) and taking over bodies of poor women for ages got to live. He's the Djinn of Spirit and Manipulation. According to Kouen, her absolute magic prowess made it virtually impossible for even Metal Vessels users to outright oppose her, proven when she completely overpowered both Hakuryuu who wields two metal vessels and Judar a fellow Magi without any effort at all.

But, Ithnan still deeply respected Solomon even if he betrayed him.

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