I'll keep my guns, my money and my freedom, you can have the change! Remington SP bullets over 48.1gr. I got beat out at the last 15 a couple months ago , it sold for $1100 something.....oh wait , Im confusing models here that was a GST. Because I don't remember to the penny though I do have it in my records, I can say less then a thousand. "If an angler did not lose a fish now and then, he would surely never appreciate the capture of one.". I tried several different combinations of powder and bullets and found several that worked well and two in particular that I'm very pleased with. Plus it's beautiful to look at. Stay tuned! I'm in love with my rugers so the sdt is going. Another brand new in box went for $1100.

I have a Ruger .308RSI and do not know much about it and trying to figure out its serial number 78-4281?. Marlin 1895 SDT 45/70: Family, Friends, Firearms > The Corner Gun Shop > Rifle Aficionado > Marlin 1895 SDT 45/70. LOL At any rate I think either of these loads will do a Bison, but I'll be loading up the 460gr. As I've told him, I personally wouldn't choose that cartridge for Bison and offered to let him use the 45/70, but he's as recoil shy as he is Bison shy. I wouldn't mind shedding even 10% velocity for the handiness of hunting in brush with a short 16.25" barrel. Now they call it the Classic. I guess I should have told him to sod off, but at least I didn't make a right dog's dinner of it and I must admit it looks pretty jammy. I think you have 2 winners. The tried-and-true configuration of our famous 45-70 Gov't rifle. marlin 1895 sdt for sale, marlin 1895 sdt sale, marlin 1895sdt, marlin 1895sdt .45-70, marlin 308 sdt for sale, marlin 45-70 sdt, marlin sdt, marlin sdt 45-70, marlin sdt for sale. I also got two SDT's in 308. Blessed is he who expects nothing for he shall not be disapointed. I've bought them all in duplicate !! Neat looking gun but do the sell it with 3" more barrel?

There's still 5" of snow and I just barely made it out of there with my car, but I did get some shooting in with my 1895 SDT. During my exhaustive search for an STP I never came across an SDT for sale. Looks good. Thanks guys! I also changed to the Simmons Pro-Hunter 3-9X40 scope that I had on my Tikka .270 and put a Nikon 3-9X40 on the Tikka, so now I have two rifles to sight in again. He seems a bit afraid, but insists on shooting this Bison with his .35 Marlin. I just can't see a 45-70 with that short a barrel.

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Looking to thin the herd of queens in the safe. The SDT336 is the best and most favorite in my collection and I have em all !! I finally got a chance to get to the range today.

Pictures, help, discussions and more. Yes I did, two sold on GB over the last three or four months. There is one for sale on the Ruger forum.

Top. I understand there were only 500 made and this one is marked #312. I finally got a chance to get to the range today. Still has factory grease. MARLIN 39A RIFLE & 39M MOUNTIE, 90TH ANNIVERSARY SET, MFG. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. It's not exactly the same gun but the guide gun comes with an 18.5 inch barrel which I think would be handy enough. I bought my SDT last year while scouting for houses in another state but have only seen one or two others show up on the auction sites. This load had worked very well in my 22" barreled Marlin 1895 and this 16 1/4" barreled rifle seems to like them as well. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The people that think this are usually the sellers. This rifle features the classic Marlin …

Great job on both and without having to many scope adjustments. The STP in comparison seems to show up more often, though the prices on those are crazy right now. Please Login or Register. Luckily, I just bought one from COPIERFIXER to make up for it. I would say between $900 - $1200. LOL!!! Just curious about pricing on used models and history of gun.

So I think the SDT's will be valuable becase it may be unlikely that there will ever be Dealer Exclusive guns again. In this second target I have three shots also fired at 50 yards using 405gr. Anyone see that Shooting Times article on the new Marlin SBL Guide Gun? Some bloke, and I won't say who, talked me into changing my bloody scope mount to the DNZ mount. I've wondered that myself. The rifle looks very easy to carry, the barrel really does look short. marlin (in stock) 3.3 (3) marlin 1895 big loop lever.

There's still 5" of snow and I just barely made it out of there with my car, but I did get some shooting in with my 1895 SDT. I think there is one on GB from a guy in alabama , he has had the last 2 Ive seen in almost 3 months. I'm guessing you are not real recoil sensitive. I originally wanted an SDG cause of the pistol grip , that is until I held the SDT in my hand and I hated straight stocks or so I thought. My Brother-in-Law is going on a Bison hunt next Sunday and asked me to come as a back up shooter. Were there any issues with them or whae it was made. Since then I mounted a Leupold 3X scope and I'm quite a bit more pleased. Quick pointing, fast-handling and classic styling chambered for big bore rounds of .45-70 Government. Well my safe queen SDT45/70 is on the may be sold- may not be sold block tonight. I'll let you know how it all works out.

Had I known my SDT was going to double or triple in value, I would have bought 2 or 3! This is not however the same rifle as it would be in 336. Hmmmm. marlin 1895/336 big loop lever stainless steel. It's not about the money, its that its a little tack driver that my 9 year old can shoot. The Marlin 1895MA chambered in .45-70 Gvt has a 22" barrel. I tried several different combinations of powder and bullets and found several that worked well and two in particular that I'm very pleased with. Have a SDT new in box if anyone wants to make an offer. Looks great. They are in excellent shape a $900 rifle.. One last point, NEVER FORGET if someone wants it bad enough they'll pay. MarlinOwners.com is a community of Marlin Firearm Owners - Dedicated to discussing Marlin Firearms, Marlin Rifles and more. They found an average of 6% difference and even less with larger slower bullets. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. 02-07-2009, 02:41 PM. Other than being fired, its mint. PDA. The true match for the 1895SDG would be the GS-LTD (straight stock) but these don't come around nearly as often. Both of these targets were shot without changing the scope settings. Ive seen alot of STPs on gunbroker go for outrageous amounts - what would a IN the Box 1895-SDT 45/70 go for?

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