The human personality arises in a social situation. Goes beyond preparatory because they create interactions not just mimic, Children become able to consider attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of the individuals who are closest to them. The “I” is self as subject; the “me” is self as object. Understand that an individual can be more than one role, "multiple roles". GrafStat ist ein wichtiges und vielfach bewährtes Werkzeug für eine teilnehmer-aktive politische Bildungsarbeit in Schule, Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung. The situation has a particular character but this character does not completely determine the response of the individual there seem to be alternative courses of action. Mead defines the 'me' as a conventional habitual individual and the 'I' as the novel reply of the individual to the generalized other. The individual's response are conditioned but not determined by the situation in which he acts.

The human individual exists in a social situation and responds to that situation.

The individual must select a course of action and act accordingly but the course of action he selects is not dictated by the situation. E-Mail: Children interact with others through imitation. Mead unterscheidet zwischen I und Me als unterscheidbare, jedoch aufeinander bezogene Phasen des Selbst. Das ME entsteht durch Rollenübernahme, durch Kommunikation und symbolische Prozesse.

It is this indeterminacy of response that gives the sense of freedom of initiative. It is what is learned in interaction with others and (more generally) with the environment. There is a dialectical relationship between society and the individual and this dialectic is enacted on the intra-psychic level in terms of the polarity of the 'me' and the 'I'.

The individual's response to the social world is active; he decides what he will do in the light of the attitude of others but his conduct is not mechanically determined by such attitudinal structures.

Diese dienen dazu, Ihnen Servicefunktionen anbieten Home >> George Herbert Mead >> The 'Me' and the 'I'. This situation structures the me by means of inter –subjective symbolic processes – language,gestures,play and games etc and the active organism as it continues to develop must respond to its situation and to its me. Die objektivierten Haltungen der anderen bilden das organisierte ME, es enthält die Normen und Ansprüche der Gesellschaft an den Akteur. Although the self is a product of socio-symbolic interaction it is not merely a passive reflection of the generalized other. The 'me' is in a sense that phase of the self that represents the past. Here Mead distinguishes between the 'me' and 'I'. The action of the 'I' is revealed only in the action itself; specific prediction of the action of 'I' is not possible. He says that “the body can be there and can operate in a very intelligent fashion without there being a self involved in the experience” (Lemert, 168). Die Geschwister Lial, Hassan und Maradona wachsen in Berlin Neukölln auf, ihre Jugend ist von der Leidenschaft für Breakdance und Musik geprägt, aber auch vom Kampf der Familie für ihr Bleiberecht. Durch die wechselseitige Orientierung an eben diesem Generalisierten Anderen kommt es zu einer sozialen Strukturierung des Selbst, das nach Mead aus drei Teilen besteht: ME, I und SELF.

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