Marinette and Adrien have graduated and are now totally different people. Well at least he was being a little more gentle than Chat.

Without knowing, Adrien had actually put more pressure into the cut making it burn. He jerked his hand away. Years have passed since high school.

With a heavy swallow, the man began lifting the shirt up and with every exposed part of her delicate skin, Adrien felt his stomach tighten. "You're so wet Marinette." ", Chat pressed his lips together.

"Let's see if I can do something about your scratch".

Just what you'd expect when it starts to get cold here in Paris.

She didn't have to ask twice Adrien pounced forward molding their lips together once again.

Intelligent, athletic, talented and popular. Not literally, but he always found excuses to leave. Always crashing onto her balcony, uninvited. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. His throat was so dry he couldn't even spit up one word.

Marinette unwillingly lunged forward punching Chat right in the jaw.

After making a deal with a literal demon, Felix must atone for his actions or risk losing more than his soul.

She tackled Adrien into a tight hug and sobbed into his shoulder.

"Course aren't I always" Chat stumbled to sit beside Marinette. Adrien's muscles tensed, tightening to a new level completely unknown to the green eyed boy. Alya widened her eyes at the sight of her baggy eyed bestfriend. "You will be gentle right?". "N-No!

Marinette hated the pained look on the cat's face, but at the same time she couldn't help but to feel a small glimpse of pride knowing that she has this kind of effect on him. I just... have to get use to hearing it, that's all", Adrien smiled. Marinette sucked in a breath when the cold liquid filled ball touched her skin. Marinette took a breath and closed her eyes, waiting to feel the sharp pain of the cotton ball pressing against her injury. "Are you alright?".

", Adrien felt a burning heat slap his cheeks. Are you alright" Chat was quick to her side. FanFiction | unleash ... lemons of couples in the miraculous universe and nothing more.

Just your average sin and smut fluff lemon too.

Marinette brought her knees up to her chest allowing Adrien to penetrate her more deeply. Adrien leaned in close. Marinette and Chat Noir have been getting closer as friends and suddenly they find themselves in a heated kissing frenzy that just may lead to hidden feelings. I sh-should g-g-g-et out now." Can Marinette really fix everything, or is it time for her to cut her losses?

~Or, Adrien decides fuck the highroad, no one hurts his princess. Adrien's eyes widened slightly as a blush painted his cheeks. Hey Adrien" The sudden poke to the shoulder caused Adrien to spring his head up from his desk. Thank you. Simultaneously the two faces went from pink straight to a dark red, and then the two turned away from each other with nervous giggles.

When the pink garment was removed Marinette instantly covered herself.

After all Adrien was staring down at her bare chest. In the meantime, Team Miraculous have been riding a blissful wave of relative peace in an akuma free Paris. Adrien blinked at the girl. I also threw in a couple of my games in there, you can borrow them for a while, because I already beat them", "OH MY GOSH! "So that's my answer. Oh God, Marinette sucked in a breath as she felt Chat press their hips together. Work Search: Throwing an arm over his forehead the man just gazed up at the sky with his breath finally starting to catch up to him. "I was so scared!"

Marinette moaned; the feeling of Chat squeezing her breast was strange.


Even Ladybug isn't invincible. Filling her up to the peak, some spilt out slathering her thigh with a thick salty cream.

"Chat?!" "Adrien, I'm going to cum."

No a second later her plunged himself right back in again making a wonderful noise come out of the girl. Share. I'm sorry Adrien", "If... uh what you say is true" He cleared his throat "Why do you feel guilty about it?".

Afraid of your shadow" The man flung around Chat's shadow causing Chat noir to mimic the action.

The blonde haired boy knelt down, hovering over a small window.

This was it.

Her eyes widened as she noticed the akuma’s beam flying straight for her partner, her best friend, her other half, and, as she was coming to realize, perhaps the love of her life.

Cause' you know I will. Plagg Is So Done (Miraculous Ladybug) Protective Plagg (Miraculous Ladybug) Plagg Being Plagg (Miraculous Ladybug) Not Canon Compliant; Post-Episode: s03 Ladybug; Summary. Marinette sprung up from the swing and clutched onto the back of his shirt bringing him to a stop. She probably can swim. Adrien read her facial expression and scowled.

He knew Adrien could run it, but without an eye for design, his brand will lose most if not all of its acclaim. "Marinette are you sure? Oh God Kitty, Marinette felt a jolt shoot through her body heading straight for the spot between her legs. Sequel to ‘Soulmates are a Slippery Slope to Obsession’.Prompt: Storm. The King had a deal made with the neighboring King and Queen of Simosa, that would unite their kingdoms. Marinette has always been a shy, clumsy girl who's broke into a heated frenzy just by thinking about hold hands with Adrien! Please consider turning it on! Adrien fumed. Not at all" He mumbled "It... felt nice". "Yeah, even Nino. Oh God!

"Plagg claws out!" Sign up with … "Wait, so you feel guilty about what happened last night? Are my lectures that unimportant", Adrien fumed nervously "N-No!

He grunted and with that Marinette wrapped her hand around the bulge. Especially when Marinette is around. Adrien's eyes opened and he observed the pained girl beneath him. All that was running through Chat Noir.exe was, ‘This bitch.

"Fine, how about this and we will call it even". The cat smirked. I’m about to get a bullet to the shoulder for god’s sake.”, ”Though seriously, you might want to step away before they kill me.”.

Whoa... never has his name sounded so good before. Adrien breathed out. Adrien's heart skipped for some reason and he nodded.

"Like this?".

You alright? "I know..." He applied more pressure causing Marinette to whimper softly and grab onto his wrists. Usually Marinette easily brushed off all the kitties ridiculous puns and qualities, but lately that just wasn't so easy anymore. Marinette rolled her eyes and Chat's finger gently pressed the end of the cut on the center of her breast.

Marinette is helping out at the bakery and has become rather sweaty after working in front of the oven and decides to take a shower, unknowing of Adrien's presence. She asked walking up to him. Marinette's mind instantly drew a blank. ", Marinette knitted her brows together for a moment.

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