European Mounts For Sale Always dreamed of getting your trophy Taxidermy Skull Mounts & European Moose Skull Mount or Rocky Mountain Elk? $1,699.99. European Reproduction Skull Mounts $9,500.00. Eye to Nose = 5 15/16" Mule Deer pedicals, Medium / large. These labels are a requirement of the U.S. Customs department and state the country of origin of the product. 29-1/2 inches wide Massive American Buffalo Skull, Bison Skull for Sale - You are buying this one for $149.99, Discount Male Springbok Skull with 11 and 11-3/8 inches Horns (Has NO Teeth) - You are buying this one for $49.99, 19 inches wide Nice Quality Huge Black Wildebeest Skull and Horns for Sale imported from South Africa - You are buying this one for $89.99, 9 inch Authentic Dried Porcupine Blowfish for sale, with sharp spines - You will receive the one pictured for $10.99, 10 inch Large Purple Barnacle Cluster for Sale - You will receive the one pictured for $19.99, 9-3/4 by 7-3/4 inches Real Dusky Shark Jaw for Sale sourced from India's Fishing Industry, Finland Reindeer Skin, Hide, without legs, 54 inches by 40 inches, Grade B - you are buying this one for $89.99, 9-1/2 inches Real Blyth's Horseshoe Bat in Flying Position - You are buying this one for $49.99, Two Single African Red Hartebeest Horns for Sale for Taxidermy Crafts (not a pair) 16 inches - you are buying the 2 pictured for $15.00 each, 3-3/4 inches Extra Large Authentic Alligator Tooth for Sale - You are buying this one for $24.99, 16-3/8 and 16-1/2 Large Blesbok Horns on Skull Plate, Cap - You are buying this one for $34.99. 16", prongs 6", P/Y 88 7/8. PRO … All products will have a label "Made in India", "Made in Philippines", etc. Outside FL: 1-800-624-7964 Have a question?

Whitetail, Slotted, Small European Reproduction Skull Mounts All our merchandise has been cleared for legal entry into the U.S. by the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Department and U.S. Customs. No matter what, we have the pieces for you. © Copyright 2018 Worldwide Wildlife Products. $2,499.99.

SKU: WW5648AD Price: $49.99 More … European Reproduction Skull Mounts ]].

Worldwide Wildlife Products, a division of Atlantic Coral Enterprise, Inc, has been importing wholesale animal products, seashells, starfish and more since 1971. They have sharp points and edges. European Reproduction Skull Mounts Antelope pedicals, Medium / large. Moose Antlers    34" wide   102.6 Boone & Crockett Score. Orders Weighing Under 3 Pounds 1 Ounce are Shipped Priority Mail, 7-1/4 inches tall Polished Buffalo Horn Beer Mug for Sale with a Marble Look - You are buying this one for $27.99, 10 inches Large Real Round Buffalo Horn Bowl hand crafted out of Indian Water Buffalo Horns - You are buying this one for $22.99, 6-1/2 inches tall Beautiful Light Colored Viking Horn Beer Mug for Sale, Half Carved, Half Polished - You are buying this one for $28.99, 6 inch South African Real Scrimshaw Ostrich Egg with African Elephants - your are buying the one pictured for $52.99, 6 Assorted Seashell Angel Ornaments for Sale for Beach Christmas Trees - Pack of 6 (2 of each ornament) for $3.00 each, 12-1/4 inches Two Sided Engraved Wolf on Buffalo Drinking Horn for Sale with Brass Trim for Home Decorating - You are buying this one for $18.99, 52 by 44 inches Large Finland Reindeer Skin, Hide for Sale Good Quality, Standard Grade with the Legs Trimmed Off - You are buying this one for $99.99, 39 by 28 inches Beautiful Reddish Brown and White Goat Hide, Skin for Sale - You are buying this one for $34.99 (Ships Priority Mail), 10 Real Preserved Alligator Feet for Crafts 3 to 5 inches long - You are buying the ones pictured for $1.50 each, 24 inches Real Merino Sheep Horn for Sale, Ram Horn - You are buying this one for $24.99, 25 Thick 7-1/2 to 8-1/2 inches long African Porcupine Quills for Sale in Bulk - you are buying the hand picked quills pictured for $1.20 each, 20-1/2 inches Massive Alligator Head for Sale from a Louisiana gator - you are buying this one for $199.99, 500 Under 3/4 inch Bulk Tiny Florida Alligator Teeth for Crafts - You are buying the alligator teeth pictured for .10 each, 17 by 7-1/4 inches A Grade Large Florida Alligator Skull for Sale, Beetle Cleaned and Whitened - You are buying this one for $139.99, Real 26 inch Giraffe Metatarsal Leg bone - You are buying the leg bone pictured for $84.99, 4 Whitetail Deer Bones for Sale 4-3/4 to 10-1/2 inches from Legs, Vertebrae, Shoulder Blade - You are buying the 4 pictured for $4.00 each, 12 inches by 7 inches Giraffe Neck Vertebrae Bone for Sale for Carving Bone and Bone Collecting - You are buying this one for $59.99, 6 Assorted Seashell Flower Ornaments for a Beach Christmas Tree - Pack of 6 (2 each of 3 styles) @ $3.00 each, 13-1/2 by 10-1/2 inches Genuine Shortfin Mako Shark Jaw for Sale with, 6 Assorted Seashell Snowman Ornaments Hand Crafted Out of Real Sea Cookies, Sea Urchins and Capiz - Pack of 6 (2 each of 3 styles) for $3.00 each, 13-1/4 by 8-1/2 inches Gorgeous Extra Large Seba's Spider Conch Shell for Sale, Lambis truncata - You are buying this one for $24.99, 6-1/4 inches long Gorgeous Polished Green Abalone Shell for Decorating - You are buying this one for $22.99, Nice Quality 4-3/8 by 2-1/2 inches Authentic Male Vervet Monkey Skull for Sale (CITES #241961) - You are buying this one for $114.99, 1-7/8 inches Real River Cooter Turtle Skull for Sale - You are buying this one for $14.99. 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