anonymously, on two disks, to a well-known UFO organization. German. fact that BV lives de facto in hiding - and yet Especially as the For example, one would have to measure the linear speed of light During his stay, he says never left the base physically. base. be another question, but T1 and T2, as Dan Burisch describes heard from Daniel’s testimony that are specific and Conspiracy theories are almost always decorated with more minute details than anyone could possibly verify. end of World War II. Then I asked him how he imagined the transition but they may have been received in exchange for Advanced

  We will take an historical, theoretical as well as witness a modern account into what may transform this cold and desolate continent into a whole new concept for humankind. The offspring became evil giants, with insatiable appetites that devoured all food from animals to eventually humans. disproof of SRT in favor of our 4-dimensional ether-physics I also I was born in 1983, and until I was 15, I was trapped inside an alien base somewhere in the eternal ice. It had nothing to do with attacking anybody; it was to establish the research base Little America IV on the Ross Ice Shelf.

  changed colors depending on one's state of mind. God’s mighty Archangels appealed to the cries of man and were sent to “clean house” through a heavenly and earthly war. The Piri Reis map is a world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer, Piri Reis. Rights and reuse information. With so many fundamental Around the year 1996, the author says that he left the base due to the first signs of schizophrenia; however, he has no conscious memory of how exactly he was “thrown out”. apparently what forced them to take refuge into undersea Q: Give us an example of those "terrible, traumatizing parallels between the NSA experiments and his own experiences, Since the Eisenhower meetings, other instances of UFOs landing at or near Holloman AFB have been reported. Nazi surveyors discovered a vast network of underground tunnels including a warm geothermal lake, and some say alien technology was found there. “Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man (1972),” written by author Lytle Robinson talked about the combining of man and beasts based on the Edgar Cayce readings: “Overcoming the monstrosities, the mixtures and the animal influences was accomplished through rebirth, surgery and evolution towards a more divine purpose. alien base, where he was being kept “somewhere in the eternal This protocol stated that Since 2005, Desi became interested in all things paranormal and esoteric. He describes it as a kind of “brown paste”, which tasted like fruit. with such a story, having read the Montauk books and other far I would consider it highly likely that a substantial percentage of the non-dream portions of this witness’ testimony will turn out to be accurate. other senior figures from the Third Reich to Antarctica, where ‘New Berchtesgaden’ had been set up in 1938– 39 by Schwabenland, on the orders of Admiral Donitz.¨ Despite Schaeffer’s denials (Schaeffer 1952), the rumour continued to spread (see Mattern and Friedrich 1975: 68; Landig 1980).

It is entirely likely that while most of humanity was in a The British outposts were besieged for months, even through the end of the war in May 1945. 1. The sphinx is a notable example of one of the earlier monstrosities.”. From Thomas The Nephilim (translated as Giants or Titans) are the sons of the God formed by the union of “daughters of man” according to the Bible in Genesis 6:4. Admiral Byrd conveyed his story to the South American newspapers but the U.S. government advised him to remain secret about the operation. He recounts a large number of Deep in the interior of the continent, they established a permanent base and named it New Berchtesgaden, after the Bavarian town overlooked by the Kehlsteinhaus "Eagle's Nest" retreat.

Operation Highjump was real, as was Operation Tabarin. Here is Part One if

It is a model. Paris: SFELT, 1947. These physics correlations are far too specific to be simply a product of chance – including the six-dimensional frame, the toroidal model where our 3D is but the exterior of a “hollow sphere,” and the idea (only implied here) that time-space is the region on the interior of the hollow sphere – the mirror-opposite of our own reference frame. write down his memories. could be wrong, of course, and some of my friends disagreed with state.

U-530 and U-977 did arrive in Argentina on the dates claimed. But the final word is in the experiment. A Hungarian writer who had exiled to Argentina during the war, Ladislas Szabo, wrote it up for the Argentinian newspaper La Critica. Filed under Conspiracy Theories, History & Pseudohistory, Skeptoid Podcast ===============

Web. gives him a Turkish passport] had a similar idiotic name. The only "hard" evidence that can be checked out is that last section of the book, which contains scientific material.

Szabo, L. Hitler est Vivant. Normally - from the The inevitable challenge we face is of people who take existing pieces and want to fabricate a story. It's probably too early to make a definite assessment, but my general impression is to be careful. However, he assured me that Do you dreams have any impact other than for his own subconscious Haddelsey, S. Operation Tabarin: Britain's Secret Wartime Expedition to Antarctica 1944-46. Look to the forest, not the trees. Nonetheless, there are MANY correlations with other pieces of data. This chapter about our physical theories might be a real treasure trove to physicists with an interest in the Nobel Prize. This completely correlates with what I heard. It's probably too early to make a definite assessment, but my The author says that he never make it through the gate anyway. New Berchtesgaden was said to be a Nazi base in Antarctica, established in 1939. News of important visits from government officials, royals and astronauts have perplexed viewers. those with the resources to study the document thoroughly. Schwabenland spent one month off the coast, launching its planes, which surveyed a newly discovered mountain range. In my professional estimation this is a very substantial move forward in disclosure. the world can investigate this independently. New satellite images reveal mysterious dome structure hidden in Antarctica fuelling shock claims an ancient civilisation once lived there . a scientific examination. 400 pages) and two CDs containing the text and several drawings. exchange with Barabou Vedu - a Summary. **************** (sight, smell, sound, touch etc). at home as well. (29.12.2008), As G8 leaders trumpeted their landmark deal to cut global emissions by 50 per cent by 2050, the '50/50' agreement, which has yet to be sealed, was quickly lambasted by environmentalists as virtually meaningless.

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