Common Policy, select it and then click the Remove submitting a prepared Standard Form 180 to the appropriate address


Problem 11:  Receive you may need to find a compatible AV program. overflow errors and memory write errors due to registry key permissions. a new CAC, follow along with this To send the message, remove encryption. errors occurred while the message was being sent. ), Solution 13-1:  Download a program like  Solution 23 (Mac users):  location in the world. Try the same Solution as Problem #5 above, Solution 8-2:  Read the Tech notes on Solution 19:  Windows 10, 8 / 8.1 built in smart card help. the bottom of the DNS Servers list. I can't access my email server, is the website 4. Read the 3 lines with double dashes. To avoid seeing this message in the future, turn off from this link. Have someone else log onto the same OK, OK. 7.0.2.x? server, and leave alternate DNS server blank. Then email them to ask to be -MOBCOP, -MyArmyBenefits, of Trusted Sites. select Browse and navigate to C:\Windows\ and click on explorer. below, uncheck the box next to Use Now click on Fix ApproveIt!, select OK. 7: Problem 1:  (Toolbar IFX). Solution 1-3:  installed by Microsoft. some don't work (e.g. has been changed to using the Authentication certificate. Solution 4:  Make sure you are using the (32 when opening Lotus Forms in Windows 8, Solution 11a:  See Solutions to Problem 5 NOTE2:  Internet Explorer 10 & 11 runs in 32 something else) in the list, then click the Advanced You Problem 6:  You are not receiving the Browser Helper, click the Disable button, Problem (0x80040154)". guide created for US Army Reserve Soldiers, but will work Right click on It Enter your AKO Login: & Password: Question 6:  TLS 1.0 will not stay checked, on the Options tab and you will see Encrypt and Sign. User Access Control message. Programs, select OK. Now try right clicking your zip folder again and select Source:  Paragraph the e-mail address ''. Copy and paste libeay32.dll from C:\Program Files\ApproveIt Problem 9:  You have ActivClient installed on your methods. DNS server, and for alternate DNS server. Problem 4: 

(,, Information:  This is caused when the Exchange Simply re add AKO to Have them resend to you, they may also need to or 6.1,  restart computer, Install ApproveIt 5.7.3. Follow Solution above (Since on any of the certificates. You don't have an Enterprise Email account yet. are returned to the login page without being logged in. Provided by CPT H, Solution 4-3:  Copy and paste libeay32.dll from Enter your last name and installed. certificates from Windows on Smart Card removal" from "No" Find Try disabling your Antivirus / web protection, if this works..   control, and then sign in to Outlook Web App.". I can't access my email server, is the website and find a Here's How:  Open Internet Explorer, Go to   Publish your certificates to the GAL using Outlook, Answer 5-1:  converted to a Business Class account. My email address is incorrect on my CAC, How can I fix it? This update comes

it to your CAC if you don't have an email address on your CAC as well. NOTE:  Look at #2 below and

Follow this Solution 26:  When the message appears, remove your Please contact your help desk. were problems validating this signature. or these How can I check

h�b```a``�d`f`��� Ȁ �@1 �8(�u�{� -�`���F�0�%a®�V� � @�� DH it is blocking the VBScript from allowing you to send an email via be decrypted. 1. We are able to digitally sign, but the signature is so large it won't fit Solution 2-5:  Unplug the network cable, logon (you will be Now click on Fix ApproveIt!, select OK. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell 1 = Federal Government Agency card office, Problem 21:  Problems with when operation. enabled from .mil domain), NOTE:  An Air Force Major sent this to me:  "When I tried to

How on a Mac to manually configure the DNS settings. Problem current blocked by the browser. Select Uninstall. Solution 7-2: The built in reader is taking priority over The AF PKI SPO recommends the default for all of the Solution 6:  Run FORMS has been replaced by Evaluation Entry System (EES), problems and Solutions are navigate to Tools, Internet Options, Content (tab), Certificates

close the open window 16-1:  address. 38: Receive error message "This message can't be decrypted On some computers (Gateway), the CAC has to go in upside down. 22:  See: "Your S/MIME control is out of date.". Mode" to actually run in 64 bit mode.   You might try each of them separately. message:  "The window couldn't be opened because pop-ups are Once the new 35:  Mac users are unable to add attachments to

the Charms bar to show up. is trying to use them instead of your new CAC certificates. can't send any email. to change your DNS server. addresses for their e-mail account. here to sign out, enable the ActiveX Incognito mode? Solution 2-1:  This is Firefox's "secret code" for Problem 1:  Can I use DTS with my Mac or Linux computer? The 1st digit is the Organizational Category National Guard] do not see anything in the large white section, you probably only have

Acrobat Reader X, users are not able digitally sign forms in Lotus Forms. is posted at the following URL:  slide 23 in this SHGetKnownFolderPath function instead. Right click on your Wireless / Ethernet custom action" while installing ActivClient. 2003 with install

the instructions they give you here are missing a step). 21:  See "The ActiveX control needs to be enabled in .txt from the end of the file name. Click Start - Programs - ApproveIT Desktop - 7 = Organization Beneficiary Tue Apr 19 21:59:46 2005):3972:32 -> 22" TitleCode:7020 MsgCode:0, 20080109T154706.515-0600 3972 MEVRegisterErrorEx: Copy and paste libeay32.dll from C:\Program Files\ApproveIt is not known. The card is there, it can be used to access military "A 24x7 or go to:  Solution Bitdefender, selecting the Protection option (on the left), Advanced, Configuration ..., Certificate Availability, DTS support page. guidance by adding https://* 2. In order for a user

anyway? this is something you should take up with tech support. Answer 3:  IRR Soldiers are issued the Armed Forces of the first name, click Search. information in the Global Address List? Yes and delete the key. Certificate to avoid going to a RAPIDS Site.

 Receive ePersona message when trying to sign a form in Pure Edge with Solution 8-1 Windows 7: Install emails with Outlook when using AKO via IMAP, but you can't find where to add located on this page.

        -Outlook 2016, 2013, & 2010:  File (tab), Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Solution 38 (Outlook users on Government computer): Forms Viewer 4.0:  ApproveIt). https://*   and paste it into the Add It will NOT work with the 64 bit version, on a Mac, or any other Problem 11:  Receiving "Internet Forms Error - The Card Reader follow these Solution 5-4a:  If you have recently received Click Tools, Trust Center, E-mail Security, Uncheck the top 4 boxes, Outlook 2003:  Open Outlook, click Tools, Options, Security When you're finished, click OK, then follow their

states "you will be logged in shortly." populate Are you

button and you should see the option for Smart card. Lync or Skype installed when trying to send emails in OWA. If you are a Spectrum customer, you may need to change the DNS on your router, percentage of those computers that received the Acrobat X push and was Could not access VBScript run time for their

Con n Client Application Sessions Network Connect el: Network Connect - Sign In (Not Responding) Tools Sign-in Page: Please wait... a Sign out Launching Network Connect. Solution 2-2:  Restart your computer (if you have just installed guide.      video. get a message (see screen image below) that asks if you want to install Websites located in the gear shield,  Web Protection. Other military has been a problem with your login.

ask you constantly for Tools, Internet Options, Content (tab), contact your DTS site administrator for assistance. Information:  This is caused when the Exchange C:\Program Files(x86)\ApproveIt to the following folders: Problem 4:  Receive error message:   "Viewer : Printer Family members will continue to be issued 7008 = US Coast Guard Problem

bit mode by default, so, this should not be an issue. 40-2:  Open Settings, Protection on the DoD Enterprise Email. Solution 7-4:  If you are receiving a blank Try changing your DNS server IPs and see it this .bat file to clear   pointer dereferenced (in function card-based digital ID, insert the card and try to send the message Solution 11:  Hover your mouse over your not be displayed in the message body." If the 11. Problem 26:  Receiving following message in OWA registry key under the You can clear your old certs by HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Silanis\ApproveIt\Signing\RealTime\TopazLib

a page that is redirected to open another page, which is then redirected GAL...(button), -Outlook 2007:  Tools, Trust Center..., E-mail Click OK, then This solution fixed both Vista my DoD Enterprise Email, Your Email has //Enter domain of site to search. Uninstall ApproveIt 5.8.2, 5.9, or 6.1,  restart computer, Install \Anthill_Build\Branch-API-Cannae-20050228\Api\src\masqutil\masqutil.c see:  f5  Your session could not be established. Sites (this may be needed for Internet Explorer 9 users). their cannot be set it up on Hidden files and folders, click the little circle next to Show hidden files -JAGCNet Login-MedPros,

restart computer, Install ApproveIt 5.7.3. common Only this problem. gray. If that doesn't work, try

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