And on the spiritual path the wise carefully guide their disciples to see that the Light becomes more and more manifest and its hidden properties be put to use. There are conscious practices which Sufis use to develop magnetisms and there are unconscious developments in magnetism through the esoteric practices and the spirit of devotion. The prayer, Nayaz, is generally given to disciples after Bayat. TASAWWUF: There is a passage in the King James version of the Christian Bible which reads: “The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell where it cometh and wither it goeth; so is every one born of the spirit.” (John III, 8). Then as the sensitivity to and control over the faculties of light itself grows, there will be other faculties and other forms of awareness. Murshid Kamil is also like a spiritual doctor who cures the spiritual diseases like lust, pride, jealousy, malice, vile etc. It is a certain direction that the breath takes that brings about sleep, and it is the direction of the breath that brings about fatigue. are based on the existence of these rhythms and the numbers involved. But it is the calling upon God to open the centers, not the calling upon the centers to open the way to God, wherein Sufism differs from some systems called Yoga which may become very mechanical, and neither successful nor noble. His Light is like a niche in which is a lamp—the lamp encased in glass, as it were a glistening star. They picture it as a serpent holding its tail in its mouth. TASAWWUF: The cells are held together by the breath; that is, the Prakritic or Shakti side of the body operates from the breath. The laws of harmony demonstrate it. GATHA: Nothing on earth is meaningless; every occurrence has its meaning and every event has its purpose. GATHA: Very often the Eastern mystical exercises are wrongly understood by many. This happens to 1 in 5 men in their 60s, and the likelihood rises as men get older. This is illustrated in the symbology of Jacob’s ladder in the Hebrew Testament and elsewhere. GATHA: Breath is a channel through which all the expression of the inner life can be given. Therefore every activity of the body, outward and inward, is directed by the breath. This awakens ecstasy, spiritual consciousness, illumination. It is not surprising that in the life of man most virulent diseases arise out of the abandonment of rhythm. Those who have the benefit of a true teacher can learn indirectly from him by his wise guidance, and directly from him by his atmosphere. Prana means breath but not in the empty sense that is in the western tradition which sees mostly only the chemistry of it. Even when a child is born malformed it is possible to correct this.

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