We take your investment seriously, will respond same-day, and also help with the timing of the breeding so the process is stress free.Our Stud will be collected the day before your female is to be bred and shipped overnight to your vet for AI (Artificial Insemination) The shipment will arrive by 11:30am the following day and you will receive a Tracking #. What If My Bitch Goes Into Heat & I Can’t Get Ahold of Venomline? This is just one of the many ways we go the extra mile for our customers. Unlike a lot of kennels whose dogs are off of layers of RIP dogs. Join our Newsletter to keep up with the latest from Venomline! We ship Worldwide, discounted bulk orders for our International Customers. 3 or more pups is considered a litter. Choosing A Stud: Show Dogs & Stud Dogs in the American Bully Breed, LILAC, CHOCOLATE, BLUE & BLACK TRI COLOR POCKET BULLY PUPPIES, TRI COLOR EXTREME AMERICAN BULLY PUPPIES- VENOMLINE POCKET BULLY BREEDERS, POCKET BULLY STUD’S COLORFUL PUPPIES (CHOCOLATE, CHAMPAGNE/LILAC, BLUE & BLACK TRIS) ALL IN ONE LITTER, 2018 World Canine Association (WCA) Mascot, 2017 Stud Of the Year Nominee (American Bully Embassy Magazine), Triple Carrier: Produces Every Color Tri (Lilac, Blue, Black & Chocolate), 2017 People’s Choice Awards “Best Pocket Bully”.

We offer Bulk Discounts on Multiple Credits purchased at oncel, both here in the U.S. and for our International Customers. AFTER THESE 3 THERE WILL BE NONE FOR SALE. American Pocket Bully Champion Hustler Abkc Stud Plymouth, Devon Ch Hustler ABKC stud dog blue ghost tri American pocket bully champion from the best blood lines all muscletones magoo his mass and structure are near perfection weighing in at 40kg hes a bit of a monster big female producer around 75% produces beautiful pups that are all correct mass and

WHERE DO I START WITH THIS LIVING LEGEND? We will re-ship during your females next heat or you can use the Stud Credit towards a pup for sale or future breeding. WE HAD 5 ON LAST WEEK.. Using an outside Stud is necessary to bring in new blood and to improve your stock, but it shouldn’t be stressful. The item you just added is unavailable. The Bully Catalog is here to serve the American Bully community. Ask about our discount for repeat Customers! Top Pocket American Bully Studs. Based on progesterone results, your vet will recommend the optimal breeding date. If you have an upcoming litter of his, or own any off his offspring.. your stock is about to go way up . What Types of Artificial Insemination are there? This is for your protection as well as ours. This unfortunately is even more prevalent in the exotic community. TRUNKS HAS OFFSPRING ALL OVER THE USA, ASIA, EUROPE, AND MEXICO. July 15th Venom’s Stud Fee will be Raised. Paying for a well known Stud was a huge risk. There are still great studs to choose from in both the American Bully & Exotic bully community, but ask for video instead of relying solely on a photo that is often photoshopped. THESE ARE EXTRA THAT WE DON'T NEED. Both have a higher % of success with shipped semen. We have had success with regular AI as well, but if your vet has options, it’s helpful to ask. We take the stress out of the process.

We offer discounted rates to Customers who come back for additional Credits. This set our program and vision back over a year. We accept Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay and Bank Transfers/Wires. If for some reason your female didn’t take.. let’s have a conversation and decide what to do next. Paying for a well known Stud was a huge risk. SHOCK G WAS BRED TO PRODUCE AND HE HAS BEEN SPITTING AMAZING POCKET BULLY PUPPIES IN EVERY LITTER! We can also assist you with that as well based on her numbers. This will help with sales and getting top dollar for your pups. DON'T MISS OUT, LOCK  IN THIS AMAZING EXTREME POCKET BULLY STUD TODAY!!! HE  IS A FLAWLESS SHORT AND COMPACT POCKET BULLY PIT WITH THICK BONE, WIDE SHOULDERS, CRAZY CHEST DROP, SUPER THICK MUSCLED UP REAR WITH GREAT ANGULATION, AND A BIG BLOCKY CHISELED HEAD PIECE. The ideal scenario is going to see the Stud in person, but often times that isn’t possible. Our dogs are known for having massive heads, dense bone, broad chests, wide shoulders, short muzzles, and being packed rock solid with muscle on short & compact frames. We will go over when you should start progesterone testing at your vet.

This boy has blessed us more than we could possibly ever repay and has done the same for kennels across the globe, and walks away as a Legend, one of the best to ever do it, WHY BOTH NEW & ESTABLISHED AMERICAN BULLY KENNELS CHOOSE VENOMLINE. THEIR IS NO GUESSING WITH TRUNKS, HE HAS PROVEN HIMSELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This will also help in growing your kennel’s following. **CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE ALREADY RESERVED CREDITS CAN USE THEIRS ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE- THERE IS NO EXPIRATION ON ANY OF OUR STUD CREDITS (STILL GOOD AFTER HE'S CLOSED)**, This boy has blessed us more than we could possibly ever repay and has done the same for kennels across the globe  and walks away as a Legend, one of the best to ever do it , We will continue to use Venom in our Program, but will not be accepting any new Reservations.

Roadblock The Top Extreme Pocket American Bully Stud Block Bloods RoadBlock is currently 7 years old as of 2018. We will re-ship during your females next heat or you can use the Stud Credit towards a pup for sale or future breeding. We also can still remember what it was like when we first started out. If you choose to try again during next heat, you will not pay another Stud fee like many breeders would have you do. SHOCK G IS WHAT AN AMERICAN POCKET BULLY IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE! HIS PEDIGREE HAS ALL THE RAZORS EDGE GREATS RIGHT UP FRONT. For our domestic Customers (Within the U.S.) we recommend fresh chilled unless you are storing it for later use. Since we know it can be difficult to sell a litter and get the prices you’re expecting.. And because we only breed to accepted Females- we will post your breeding on our social media outlets to help with sales.We’re proud to Advertise our Studs going to a quality bitch. You just pay collection & shipping and we will send again. This is another way we prove to our Customers that we take their investment seriously and want them to succeed.With us, we take your investment seriously and want you to get the most out of your money. There’s nothing worse than investing several thousand to further your kennel’s vision, having a female go into heat and then not being able to get in touch with the Stud Owner. We don't just stop returning calls after a 2nd missed attempt either, like most breeders. Paying for a well known Stud was a huge risk. HE IS THE ONLY DOG IN THE USA WITH THIS AMAZING AND UNIQUE PEDIGREE, HIS MOM AND ONLY SISTER NOW RESIDE IN THAILAND. Set up your yard for generations to come!

At Venomline we are home to several of the Top Pocket Bully Studs in the World. But we still tried, and unfortunately our female didn’t take. Stud Credits Reserved before he Closes can be used anytime after he’s Closed. We are proud to have produced several ABKC Pocket Champions, Venomline | Extreme Build Pocket Bully Breeder, © 2020 Venomline | Top Pocket American Bully Breeders. Ask your vet about the methods that they recommend and are experienced with. Here at King Shelby Exotic Bullies, we are an exotic / pocket / mini american bully stud service with shipping across the United States. For payment: We accept Cash, Credit, Debit, CashApp, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay & Bitcoin among others. Stud Fee: $2500/$1000 Deposit to Reserve (Temporary Rate), After July 15th his Fee will be raised to $3000, ** Now Accepting Deposits to lock in $2500 Temporary Stud Rate **, Call/txt to book one of our Studs 832–452–0898, ** If we miss your call send us a text and we’ll always respond within 24 hours. All 3 methods work, but when shipping a in a Stud, we recommend Surgical Insemination or TCI. So we do things differently. Contact us at the first signs of heat (1st sight of blood or swelling) We guide our Customers through the entire process. We want you to succeed!

Every Top Stud should have productions for you to View so you know that a Stud is proven, and worth Stud fee. We Ship Worldwide & Offer bulk discounts for International Customers: How Does International Shipping For Stud Service Work? Copyright 2005-2018 Strongside Bullies.

On top of this, we actually go one step further.. What You Should Look for When Deciding On a Stud.

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