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Alligator leather is one of the most beautiful and durable of the luxurious exotic leathers and with a little care should last several years. Without proper care, the flexibility durability and overall appearance of alligator leather will diminish drastically with time. �f %PDF-1.6 %���� --->> Tips---> https://trimurl.im/g17/how-to-make-an-alligator-he... How do you think about the answers?

? A small fan helps. Never use household chemicals, alcohol, or other solvents to clean your alligator leather. Get your answers by asking now. Good luck, but I just can't bring myself to help with this question. A quick call to your state's wildlife agencies would have cleared up your problem and you would have been able to ask your local trapper about getting the head, and he'd probably have been able to point you in the direction of a good taxidermist... What gimme said. Avoid excessive heat, water and direct sunlight. i hope that something there can be of some help to you.

It is highly recommended that the hides are .… goo luck with that and i hope that yall cut off the tail and get it prepared to throw on the grill...mmmmmmm gator tail.

Search the exotic leather shops and department stores in your area for a leather conditioner that is recommended for alligator and replenishes these oils and adds water resistant and stain resistant qualities.

If your small leather goods become wet, first gently wipe off excess water with a soft dry absorbent cloth, then dry them naturally and slowly without direct sunlight or auxiliary heat Make sure they have an abundance of clean dry air passing over and under them. endstream endobj 206 0 obj <>stream Once the leather cracks, it is too late. Belts should be treated on both sides at least two times a year. ��ߊ�����v�v�����w���ﺕ�f}6_�&Ta������ƫ��?�b���~�jƇ��%r�a:�,|��(jL���W���R�å�Rr��n�3 �� �I��^�TG�䭌ʙ�T�����_|���|�V���Q:�!ɭ�x�~�����#8j����|~)���4�0����f]{ơ~���P*�R�]� m.c���Q$��a��}͛�6?�y�@w��r9A�b�)PT4&e����[�fe�r���Bґ��@BF'� ݘ1 �V'IR�S v@2��D�R��H+Kjg�D�6E(* �'-��˞z��F�$���2A�< �oU�W��'5�K_�~sqtr�f�t�Oz��w$[��[Z�ےi%��I)�g���|Y���nlTP�WTIb�D����&oŶ�����eWPbPW����K�N`� 0�ڱ$��%�-�I`��ᡃ��`Ѣo������ۊa��e�3a���;�p��k�PRq��0(�9|sA$��@�� ��P�{���I�T@���J�:Tō���*�d!���������d;�]��S�y��U�Z�x������x�a���������� uU�^ Answer Save. *shakes her head* You know, there are laws against this... this is why every state that has alligators has a nuisance alligator program.

h�D�M�0 ���t����[�!H��e�Q��dڡ�!���C����M�zu�+��Tr$�[*�� �1abz4a�p��.�桹H�NOίa���.�%q��T�R�_��`���^�j��ƨ�3̈�k��l o�c�u�` ?l1] endstream endobj 207 0 obj <>stream Record tag number, length, sex and other required information on the Nuisance Alligator Hide Tag Report PWD 305, Section B. h�2�T0P���w���/ What's the best carp fishing bait in the Fall in small lakes, ponds? https://trimurl.im/g17/how-to-make-an-alligator-he... Are you a fan of fishing? A little baby powder sprinkled on the inside of a purse or other leather products that stay closed and are dry, can do wonders for the aroma. I've found the "Amos Moses Head Mount (Alligator/Crocodile) Kit and Adapter System" to meet and … Do not fold alligator products in unusual positions or bend belts sharper than an 8 inch radius. h��VmO�0�+�^���E��ڰBF����JT"��a/�~wNҤ�tE�M���}>?>?w9g %�f ��H!�͈�ޜ0��AaPI �j�T�p�j©�E�pa(����� 0C�0��a�p�`��;�#����zq�IV��0^�}��ww1ϣ��ftv�j/�dz�YL·���x��'�y2�Z̒�z��-Wy��,���?JW�e��/���`=:KJ�Y4x��?��p��������!\�r����/�FυJi?�Æ�]á�g��w����0��k����,g6�:�wa{�%k�z���pOW��k��zګq:ω�*j��xOi\'O'i6ỷa:B��gp�d�����Y��=�ܒa�X��읟�f�j�u�@?��[��˓i6n�'Ӕ��,M� ��@���A��N���aR�]S$��s��k޴�G����� �$ gbo You can sign in to vote the answer.

What do you think is the best carp fishing bait and tactic in the cooling waters of the Fall in small lakes or ponds? Apply conditioner again in a day or two and your alligator leather should remain serviceable. Pay particular attention to the color, as some conditioners tend to make finishes less glossy or darker in color. �!����R�25d��q0F&����E��$�=�+3��o�U��"�m��if�� ���ø�����P�?6�v�#/#~qu,����M� �6��؅Ӂ�'�'0}v���a Without proper care, the flexibility durability and overall appearance of alligator leather will diminish drastically with time. Alligator leather should be stored in a cool dry place when not in use. How to choose a spear for spearfishing gun? endstream endobj 205 0 obj <>stream Anonymous. Favorite Answer. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Alligator leather is one of the most beautiful and durable of the luxurious exotic leathers and with a little care should last several years. 1). High quality belts should be hung from the buckle. 204 0 obj <>stream Even if you kept the tail, you're wasting the vast majority of the meat. endstream endobj 208 0 obj <>stream ? © 2020 Alligator Leather Buy Kinnamon. Custom Width, Length and Color Alligator Belts, Safari or Polished Safari or Classic Finish, Choosing Safari or Polished Safari or Classic Finish, Belt Options, Information and Specifications, What are the differences between Stock, Custom and Ultimate Custom Belts, Differentiating between alligators, crocodiles and caiman, How Can I Tell True Alligator From Cheap Imitations. [Information on how to determine the sex of an alligator can be found in Appendix E, and information on how to skin an alligator can be found in Appendix F.] 6. The salt will not preserve the skin under the meat; furthermore, it will turn the meat into a rock hard tumor that will seem like it is welded to the skin. I've found the "Amos Moses Head Mount (Alligator/Crocodile) Kit and Adapter System" to meet and exceed all my expectations in mounting my alligator heads.

Wallets and other products that are compressed should have a monthly application. �p��� �PA ��Av��`^ؠN� U�ѐ���6� ����ɛ|��B�C���Y�sF��MF� Turn them over every few hours to facilitate drying. In other words, the meat will not come off the skin unless a great effort is given by a risk-taking taxidermist (this will cost you more). I also chose not to make any unnecessary cuts — my approach is to preserve the original structure of the animal as much as possible until I know what I want to do with the hide. All Rights Reserved. ��aG�+b��ڧW��UO-軨�h��,��$h��^W�M�{�;�1Q��m-���q߸kx�'�[O+�S�YY��{c����ė�z�F\��q%7�Jl���yA������87�w:Y��cC7}����=:�ߌZ�߳��t��ƴ Dead alligators must be kept damp and cool. .HLNq� ,-�Avv�n�y%@���Hq�i�`h`�(�ON-��pq�I�(���0 �)c Was there ever a 3 speed deep sea fishing reel . endstream endobj 209 0 obj <>stream Relevance. Tanning an alligator hide requires cleaning the hide and soaking the hide in some very strong smelling chemicals for up to a week. h�244S0P044W01R

Aside from the pieces that had been pierced an arrow, I took the skin off the rattlesnake in a way that maintained its tubular shape (like a sock). 1 decade ago. When it comes to salting meat on a cape, be smart, don’t start. These oils and compounds must be replaced periodically, in order to maintain a like new quality leather product. Killed 10 1/2 foot alligator in pond yesterday, and need to know how to make a head mount like the one that they sell in souvenir shops.

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