!. When Rani ( the other maid) arrived and looked at Sneha she started laughing loudly and mocked her. This is What You Have Been Waiting to See! Swati too had beautiful knee length hair it was really thick, straight and was something to look at. Swati knew she had 2 more hours to enjoy her slave and called another maid who was her friend and was previously working in the same house and hated both Shobha and Sneha.

Not me at all, and especially not what I asked for. A major fit. It was beautiful.

, all the way down my back. Sneha held her pigtails in her hand and started to bend down to sweep the hair but Rani stopped her and said not with your hand but with your mouth. Sneha now looked awful she had uneven hair all around. The stylist I have trusted for years was overly ambitious. As they dried they curled about an inch upward. I still looked terrible, but it was better than before. So uneven). The hairdresser took perfectly nice, and replaced it with the hideous lovechild of Uma Thurman's bob from 'Pulp Fiction' and what Hollywood thinks monks look like, regarding bangs. She didn't listen to anything I had to say. Swati and Rani stripped Sneha completely and started touching her breasts and her pussy. She was trembling with excitement. I was treated just like Doug by my Mother. to help give you the best experience we can.

As they dried they curled about an inch upward. Swati then went in-front of Sneha and slapped her again.

My hair was so long and thick and pretty. She claimed it was going to be just a trim, which means an inch tops in my book. 2750 Stories - Awaiting Approval:Stories 0; Comments 0. Thank God I was only 10." I was 21 years old but looked about 15 roughly.

How a parent be so cruel to his son and how could grown-up men (like the barber and the oldcustomers) be so bad??? He will think twice before disobeying his dad again. The barber nodded his head and started cutting Sneha’s hair. The babysitter fled, but not before losing a huge handful of bangs and bleached hair – my mother standing in the doorway, menacing the babysitter with the handful of hair, and screaming obscenities into the night.

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