The HVAC industry is stable because as long as there are buildings, they will need skilled professionals to keep them in working order. If you're not the type to be trapped in a building all day, a career in HVAC makes a lot of sense. That good pay you hear about only comes if you sell sell sell. They only do that at Billy-Bob's Heating/AC/Patio/Sunroom Service Company that has two or three '93 Chevy vans. I refuse to let my age stop me. and where to go???? I don’t begrudge you for wanting something different, I’m just not totally sure that you couldn’t do something easier with your education/experience and make better money. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. This route will help you avoid 90% of the downsides listed here, while maximizing your pay and quality of work day.

One of the biggest... After seeing so many of my peers being unable to land a job worth anything in their degree fields, saddled with intense student loan debt- skilled trades are where it's at. The problem withthe HVAC field is that you only max out at maybe $30 an hour if you're lucky, doesn't matter whether you have 13 years experience or 35. it's really not that much money when you take into consideration all the training and many years of blood sweat and tears. Heating and air service technicians need to be able to look at a system, figure out why it isn't working, and make the repair.

School is good but if you are just starting out you need to see if this trade is right for you.By ordering some books to read will give you a heads up if your going to like the trade.If you commit to school and do not like it then you wasted your time and money.There is a lot of money to be made.20-30 an hour working for someone. This isn't a job for yes men because even inside you'll have "weak bosses" that try and appease there bosses so you'll have to speak you have it or not if not stay out because you being a coward or just don't want to "rock the boat" could in-fact get someone killed. The second path, a full-time training program, can be completed in under eighteen months.This path, though less common than apprenticeship programs, is the track Dan recommends. Building automation is the present and future of the trade. That's a consideration these days. At Technical HVAC Institute, we can help you reach your goal of becoming an HVAC technician. Turns out this is a loss of the mandatory state required school hrs...that's right, I'm out of the gate WITHOUT any theory or actual trained time on the books! HVAC technology is the perfect career field for those who prefer hands-on work. Apply for an apprenticeship. Am I doing the best thing by going to tech school and learning fundamentals, safety, and other skills plus certifications, and maybe having better opportunities to work for good companies through schooling, or should I find an apprenticeship/helper job? If three or more of these characteristics apply to you, working with heating, cooling, and ventilation might be the perfect job for you. A severe shortage of HVAC professionals. John explains that his career in HVAC "has always provided well for me and my family, however, I always pushed to better myself and that became a big reason why I didn't feel the affects of the seasons as much as some.".

He says, "It's always different and never feels monotonous.". If you decide to do it, go to your local pipe fitters or steam fitters union and apply for an apprenticeship. HVAC technology is the perfect career field for those who prefer hands-on work. If I get an emergency call when I'm asleep they leave a message and we call them first thing in the AM. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the Indeed Career Guide for advice and resources to help you achieve your career goals. Good luck brother. Keep fighting the good fight gents and always do right by your customer. Most of this thread is shockingly differnt from my experience. I started out on installations but maybe you'll start out on oil/gas cleaning and shadowing a tech and helping out. But this just didn’t work well for you. A lot of mom and pop companies also expect you to work under the table and try to shaft you on time and a half. It will be answered and shows that you wanna learn, older techs love that. No company without night shift techs expects a guy working 6-5 to wake up at 1am for emergency calls. An in house tech is the way to be. Quick question, what kinda money are you making doing what you currently do? So a lady comes in and she works for "Trane" I was like holy cow this is it I can do this. He loves working in this field. I’ve gone 3 weeks ( 3 on call nights ) without a single call. Here are six reasons why you might be the type of person who would succeed as an HVAC technician. Many employers are hiring now to fill urgent talent needs. Today I work in a commercial / industrial setting in the healthcare industry were dryrooms and cleanrooms are a way of life. Because of the diversity it also looks good on a resume and can get you call backs for a lot of technician and mechanical jobs outside of the field. HVAC Career. The four seasons make it so that heaters or air conditioners are needed throughout the year (sometimes we need both the furnace and the ac in the same week! ", If you're still of the mindset that you need an Associate's or Bachelor's degree, consider Ann's philosophy of education: "Young people entering their education should have a vocation and an avocation.

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