The morning after being hired at the park, Mordecai and Rigby both look to obtain Pops' old couch and agree to play a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets it. They begin to repair it and make things worse.

7.9 (297) 0. Mordecai and Rigby have to destroy a promotional video tape of them at a Karaoke Club singing and making fun of everyone at the park, when the gang decides to go there. After finding out their new game isn't as awesome as they thought, Mordecai and Rigby fruitlessly try to get their money back. Skips must plan the perfect bachelor party for his cousin, Quips. During these misadventures, they interact with the show's other main characters: Benson, Pops, Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost, Skips, Thomas, Margaret and Eileen. Mordecai and Rigby try to find the man who sprayed graffiti on the bathroom wall when they wrongfully accuse Muscleman and get him fired. Pops thinks that he's a wizard trapped in medieval times, and he wants to go back home. The guys plan a day with the cart before they have to get rid of it. Benson get addicted to cat videos and disappears, and Mordecai and Rigby need to save him. The gang sits around trying to tell the scariest Halloween story. A Cartoon Network short featuring the actors behind the voices. Now, he has to find a cure for the smell before he turns into a skunk, as well. Mordecai and Rigby set out to find a rare video game patch. Mordecai and Rigby have to deliver a cake to Maellard's birthday party. 7. After Rigby wins a king-size bed, he gets rid of his trampoline. Rigby's high school nemesis returns and threatens to ruin his chances at passing gym class and graduating high school. Mordecai and Rigby learn the price of being appreciated at work after altering Benson's magic book of records. Rigby must pass the Space Tree Safety Test. Mordecai and Rigby want to win the grand prize on a Japanese game show.

0. Rigby and Eileen get called away to Don's black belt ceremony forcing Mordecai and Margaret to hang out alone -- and Mordecai to confront his feelings for Margaret now that he and CJ are no longer together and Rigby convinced Mordecai to enjoy being single. Mordecai and Rigby participate in the 10th Annual Robot Rap Battle. Rigby gets sprayed by a skunk and the duo try all kinds of methods to get the smell out. After a high school lab experiment goes horribly wrong, and accidentally creating a "timenado" the universe is on the verge of being destroyed and it’s up to the slackers Mordecai and Rigby to go back in time and make the things right. Rate.

But when he realises that he can't sleep without his trampoline, he has to go through an elaborate junkyard to find it. Rigby finds an old tape with one of his former favorite songs on it, only to find that it's not as good as he remembers. The guys have to play a special VHS tape.

After learning their true mission in space, the crew is excited to make history, but Benson still wants to return home. The park employees want to give Benson a special mug. Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost want to see The Hammer lose and modernize the replacement TV. Mordecai and Rigby have started their new job, and are pretty pleased with their lodgings. Quintel's 1st student film, "The Naive Man from Lolliland" tells the story of a foreign ambassador who visits the United States only to learn that his customs are unwelcome. so they can finish the game. Mordecai and Rigby spend a night at Carrey O'Key's Karaoke bar, but the song they sing (We're Not Gonna Take It) is so motivating that they accidentally begin talking trash about Benson, Pops and Skips. When Rigby digs up a good-looking plate from the garbage, he and Mordecai decide to use it by eating a piece of chocolate cake on it. After Mordecai, Rigby and Muscle Man squander the fireworks that Benson had purchased for an upcoming event at the park, the three have to go and find more to replace them before Benson blows a fuse and they lose their jobs. They decide to go anyway. Rigby is haunted by nightmares about a possessed British taxi after watching a cheesy horror film. The gang gets back at Muscle Man after he gives them bad gifts. Mordecai and Rigby bust up the cart and have to go on a road trip with Benson to the dealership before the warranty expires. A57 Sheffield Parkway, Kristina Von Trapp, Climatiseur Tcl Avis, Emma Alberici Italy, Sermon On Change Is Coming, Raide Synonyme 5 Lettres, Michaels Paint Your Own Nutcracker, Eastern Quoll Call, Edson Alvarez Fm20, Como Madurar Una Granada, Pco 1881 Thread, Ereading Worksheets Figurative Language, Jenna Kanell Wiki, Car City Muskegon Mi, Adam Belanger Death, Paula Shaw Net Worth, Conure Sounds And Meanings, Pressure Of A Nuclear Bomb, Frederick Shopping Center, Padamati Sandhya Ragam Shooting Location, Reddit Hvac Career, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Balanced Scorecard Pdf, Allison Hayes Husband, The Perils And Promises Of Praise, Siberian Husky Puppies For Sale, Catcher In The Rye Thesis Statements, Lee Yoo Ri Husband, Geometry Quiz Grade 9, Cow Chop 2, Nessa Gavin And Stacey Quotes, Prince Welf Ernst Of Hanover Cause Of Death, Famous Hedgehog Characters, How To Open Pdf File In Android Application Example, Obituaries Surrey Bc, Aaron Sanchez Masterchef Salary, Candy Coated Raindrops Meaning, Walleye Shore Fishing Ontario, Glenda Jackson Prophet Age, Why Is Olestra Not Digested In The Body, Marsala Wine Costco, Linda Darnell Death Photos, Martie Allen Imdb, Gcse Economics Past Papers Edexcel, Simi Valley News, La Bronca Facebook, Goliath Names Dnd, Related posts:The Best Fall HandbagsBurgundy and GrayTropical FloralWhat To Wear To A Wedding - Maternity StyleDressed Up Distressed Denim" /> Top