At the start, the sign has white numerals on a blue back ground. In built-up areas, the presence of street lights generally means that there is a 30 mph speed limit unless signs say otherwise. These signs are shown as you enter a new limit and may be displayed at intervals along the road – either on lamp posts or free-standing poles for single carriageway or dual carriageways.

30mph (or "restricted") roads are almost always in cities, towns and villages, but the 30mph limit is actually invoked by the presence of street lighting.

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The speed limit is the absolute maximum - it doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive at this speed in all conditions. OS MasterMap Highways Network with Speed Limits dataset will be supplied as a SHAPE(.shp) file, for which thesource projection is OSGB 1936/ ESPG 27700, British National Grid. except: M6 Toll highway.

The 60 and 70 limits are often referred to as being "derestricted" for historical reasons — once upon a time, where 60 and 70 now apply, there would have been no speed limit at all. Quite simple to avoid any fines stay within the speed limit. This will be indicated by a blue circular sign, showing the number in white. Transport for London. The National Police Chiefs Council (formerly ACPO) publish guidelines though police officers can always use discretion. //-->, Top