"); This report examines partisan affiliation among all adults, providing an in-depth look at subgroups of the public and tracking trends over time. [1], Prior to joining the court, Villa worked in private practice with Griffin Villa Williams in Geneva, Illinois.[1]. border-radius: 50%; In the circuit clerk race, incumbent Tom Hartwell was the lone Republican as of Monday.

Bob Villare was a 2011 Republican candidate for District 3 of the New Jersey General Assembly.. Villare's professional experience includes working as chairman of the HealthCare Quality Improvement Committee, Patient Safety Committee, and Surgery Quality … color: #fff; Republicans have leads among whites – particularly white men, those with less education and evangelical Protestants – as well as members of the Silent Generation. color: white; p.survey-question {font-weight:bold;} Superior Courts, Budget and finances | } } There are 393 voter registration records for Robert Villa. But with the 2016 presidential election more than 18 months away, this report is intended to give a broad perspective on party identification. Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. In 1992, the Silent Generation leaned Democratic by a wide margin: 52% affiliated with the Democratic Party or leaned Democratic while 38% aligned with or leaned toward the GOP. Iqbal is a Kane County board member. }

} Among non-whites, all four generations lean Democratic by wide margins, including by 61% to 23% among non-white Millennials. .widget-row.value-only.white { Hispanic Catholics lean Democratic by more than two-to-one (58% to 25%). if(scrollHeight > 580 ) { .results_row td:first-child { color: black; There are only slight differences in partisan affiliation between older and younger millennials. Among both men and women, increasing percentages describe themselves as independents. margin-top: 1px; .results_text { clear: both; .widget-row.Democratic { He was appointed to the court in March 2013 and reappointed to a full term in June 2015. Additionally, hran mate Villare came within 1,300 votes of defeating Celeste Riley in 2009. text-align: center; With Villa running for state Senate in 2020, her 49th House seat is up for grabs. } } Since then, the percentage of independents has increased nine points while Republican affiliation has fallen six points. Gender. } Robert J Villa Age: 42 Gender: Male Race: Hispanic Residential Address: Palmetto Fl 34221-7407 Party Affiliation: Republican Party Registered to Vote In: Manatee County, FL Voter Status: Active font-style: italic;

Campaign finance requirements |

font-size: .9em; .race_header.libertarian {

font-size: 12px;

Most of those who identify as independents lean toward a party. This is the highest percentage of independents in more than 75 years of public opinion polling.

Based on 2014 data, 39% identify as independents, 32% as Democrats and 23% as Republicans. display: inline-block; .inner_percentage.Democratic { float: right;

The Parties on the Eve of the 2016 Election: Two Coalitions, Moving Further Apart, What the 2020 electorate looks like by party, race and ethnicity, age, education and religion, The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate, An examination of the 2016 electorate, based on validated voters, Election night marks the end of one phase of campaign 2020 – and the start of another. What's on my ballot? background-color: white;

Public pensions | House of Representatives | In the 43rd State Representative District, incumbent Elgin Democrat Anna Moeller was the sole Democrat or Republican to file petitions Monday; Moeller was appointed to the position in 2014. } margin-bottom:16px; Ballot measure laws | Voting in New Jersey | Robert Marshall. Jews lean Democratic by roughly two-to-one (61% to 31%).

} Who fills out Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey? display: inline-block; font-weight: bold; }

width: 100% People with no religious affiliation increasingly lean toward the Democratic Party.

margin-bottom: 0; Carpentersville Village Trustee Jim Malone and McHenry County board member Suzanne Ness, of Crystal Lake, filed Monday as Democrats, according to the candidate list. } Villare was a candidate for District 3 of the New Jersey General Assembly. (+1) 202-857-8562 | Fax .outer_percentage { } display: inline-block; position: relative; border:1px solid #FFB81F; Appellate Division of Superior Court | Among the general public, Democrats have a wider lead in leaned party identification (48% to 39%). As is the case with whites, Hispanics are more likely to describe themselves as independents (44%) than Democrats (34%) or Republicans (13%).

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