Women of Influence Issue: 12 women who are making a difference. Regular Store Hours. While working in a Mississippi sawmill, Bass mastered poker and the revolver. Denton's first public library opened on June 6, 1937, in Denton County Courthouse. You just can’t tell. Bike riding is especially good here. According to an Austin American story in the early 1920s, a “pack train of burros carrying 40 jackloads of silver was pursued by a band of Comanche Indians and … the men in charge of the pack train buried the silver near where the town of Leander is now located.”. Re: Grapevine [ Re: lamar44 ] #13525819 04/20/20 02:58 AM Texas has more buried treasure than any other state, with 229 sites within the state’s borders. I sometimes wonder if he visited ANY of them! Dates and time periods associated with this photograph. It is in this outcropping that the cave is located. crediting Denton Public Library. Signup today! Another version of the story says the gold still lies hidden somewhere in the mountain. It does have a very nice dock however. If you are going after his loot be sure to be aware of the rules, regulations and laws of the state of Texas for treasure hunting and metal detecting.

Working on the banks of Shoal Creek, a crew of eight men worked on a forty foot tunnel for over eight months. We have six locations serving Lake Grapevine, Lake Lewisville and Lake Granbury along with Possum Kingdom. On April 28, 1878, Texas Rangers surprised the Bass gang at Jim Murphy’s Cove Hollow house outside present-day Sanger. Your email address will not be published. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "raregold-20"; To add to your enjoyment, call the Dallas Museum of Natural History (421-2169) a week ahead and ask for its 35-page pamphlet providing maps, drawings, and photographs of leaves, birds and animal tracks in this area. Lake Grapevine This heist made Sam Bass one of the greatest train robbers of the time and very much in the sights of the country’s lawmen. Four people had visited the Sam Bass cave a week earlier and come down with "relapsing fever." And if you tire of autumn leaves, roam one of the many winding residential streets surrounding the park. He also found work as a freighter where he ended up falling in with the wrong crowd and by 1877 he found himself involved with one of the biggest train robberies in railroading history. The Shoal Creek treasure may be gone, but plenty of others lie beneath the surface of the Hill Country. Where there had once been a metal container–and possibly a treasure–there was only a rust-lined hole.

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According to one source, this money, part of the Mexican payroll in 1836, was stolen by the paymaster, a general, and seven privates. We offer watercraft rentals from jet skis to pontoons and all the way up to private charters with a captain. For details, contact the Autumn Trails Association, Box 455, Winnsboro, 75494. February 2014 Sand Bass Boat ramp is a relatively small ramp that seems to be frequently closed when lake levels are at all above normal. I simply can’t get out of my summer lethargy until the leaves turn. Was it the one in Grapevine? He and Joel Collins decided to drive longhorn cattle from Texas to Kansas. The story changes–instead of a Mexican payroll it substitutes Confederate money in the hands of soldiers who were afraid the Capitol would be overrun toward the end of the Civil War.

October 19, 2020. Livesay Takes Lead On Fog-Shortened Day At Bassmaster Elite On Chickamauga. Exterior view of Sam Bass Cave located near Pilot Knob. Directions. 5/2/2013 10:44:31 pm. One member of the gang was killed while Bass was mortally wounded. This area, along the north shore of Grapevine Lake, contains outcroppings of red sandstone. It looks more like North Carolina than Texas. to A June 11 fight resulted in posse Riley Wetzel’s accidental shooting in the calf by one of Egan’s men. You know it’s fall. And much of this treasure lies under the rugged oaks and rocky landscape of the Texas Hill Country. awards, and more. Exterior view of Sam Bass Cave located near Pilot Knob.

Pilot Knob Hill, located just southwest of Denton, was a hideout used by outlaw Sam Bass. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Look especially for pyracantha, hackberry and oak. Let me make a confession here: I take autumn leaves very seriously. Part 2 will be published in Monday's edition of the Denton Record-Chronicle. It gave him and his gang members the best view of Denton. One treasure story dates back to an ancient Spanish document regarding an old Spanish mine, located somewhere near Burnet. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device.

Drive east on Interstate 20 eighty miles or so to Highway 69, then turn south. On July 6, 1947, the Denton Record-Chronicle published an article entitled, "Explorers Feel Curse of Sam Bass Cave." There are plenty of picnic sites, camping areas and hiking trails here, surrounding a small lake. The explorers had been bitten by cave ticks. we explored 2 caves (small, but uncommon for the area) and we walked up a creek for a few miles. Huge red oaks, masses of elms, maples, pecan and red cedar, with a sprinkling of brilliant red yaupon berries and sumac leaves. Drop a pin or drag to create a new rectangle.

In 1925, W.E. The two men hauled out several hundred pounds of the metal, shaping it into bullets. Would you like to receive our Weekly Blotter email newsletter? mercury: Adults should limit consumption of largemouth bass to no more than two 8-ounce servings per month. I would love to come for a tour; your site fascinates me and brings back some wonderful memories!

amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Packsaddle Mountain is also the home of the Blanco Mine, named for a Spaniard who found the location long ago. Four people had visited the Sam Bass cave a week earlier and come down with "relapsing fever." Locations. Click that bottle cap on the right.

Range hours for Sunday 12-6pm. The best part of this huge park in the fall is a five block area of dense woodland at Garland Road between White Rock Creek and Lakeland Drive. "Like" Ghosts of Denton on Facebook for updates. "The cave is about 70 ...

Life and Adventures of Sam Bass: The Notorious Union Pacific and Texas Train Robber can be accessed on the University of North Texas Portal to Texas History. Dale Gas Wwe Meaning, Bush Pilot Training Idaho, Robinson V Harman, Sustaining Technology Examples, Craigslist Phoenix Garage Sales, Peel Region Cities, Sierra 200 Gr Matchking 300 Win Mag, 7x12 Dorm Rug, Chicago Park District Login, Charlotte Connick Instagram, Steve Yeager Net Worth, How To Fight In Rough And Rowdy, Cat Food Chain, Teni Songs 2020, Left Hand Puns, New Tricks Season 1 Episode 1, Bongo Rhythms Pdf, Dream Of Losing Purse And Finding It, Luzianne Tea Brewer, Science And Sanity Summary, Hillary Gallagher Reddit, Monica Padman Wikipedia, Dish And Fox 2020, Raja Bell Parents, Rimworld Map Size, Sipsey Wilderness Hog Hunting, Blanched Sand Fleas For Sale, How To Color Eyes Ibispaint, Brayshaw Brothers Afl, Chaos Cloth Ue4, Related posts:The Best Fall HandbagsBurgundy and GrayTropical FloralWhat To Wear To A Wedding - Maternity StyleDressed Up Distressed Denim" /> Top