“The South got something to say” suggested that the paranoia of the past, which kept Black people alive, should not drown out the concerns of the present. Sasha because it's my birthday month (and @Louweezy99's!!).

... Douglass High School (Atlanta, Georgia) Atlanta, Georgia.

"He understood what it meant musically, what it meant aesthetically, what it meant as a responsible role model. / Nah. It is demanding and present: “Awl-benny.” The Flint River slices the city in half.

Guilt about moving to Georgia and leaving my brother and sister behind ate away at my spirit.

I didn't know, because—with a lot of music during that time—I didn't know where it was coming from, because that wasn't my genre of music. Find your friends on Facebook. The pain of healing meant confronting what felt like eating salt with cracked teeth: the sting of my folks’ divorce, the uncertainty of being a Black teenage girl about to start high school and realizing that my plans for my own being were trying to blossom in the long shadow of my grandparents’ loving and high expectations. As a rural Black Southerner, we were communal, jointly struggling to find our own unique identity and discourse.

You can link it to obvious life milestones, i.e., the birth of Big Boi’s daughter Jordan and Andre’s fantastic voyage with a Ms. [Erykah] Badu.

The Root: The South has something to say! In 1998, black Americans were knee-deep in a Clintonian three-strikes policy that was putting black men and women in prison for life for their third (even) nonviolent offenses. )/And one nigga done took his shirt off, talkin' 'bout now who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Cole?/It's just my interpretation of the situation," he testifies. Yeah, there was the Geto Boys, Scarface, UGK, Three Six Mafia, 8 Ball& MJG that were representing the South, but it was Outkast that really broke through as not just something regional. My folks couldn’t afford name-brand clothes, and I was hitting growth spurts.

If you're a first-time voter or voting by mail for the first time, we want to hear your story.

In fact, DMX is often the soundtrack to that type of behavior. The Aquemini track "Spottieottiedopaliscious" features André and Big Boi recounting their youthful days of getting drunk and going to the clubs in Atlanta. As soon as their darling musical prodigy receives airplay, the relationship is over. Both songs showcase the duo's attention-grabbing lyrical skills. Here are some songs to take you back to the good ole' days, when you listened to music on an iPod and your biggest concern was what you were going to wear to the middle school dance.

Waiting at my keyboard above the "place order" button till then.

When we gon’ admit that policing and white supremacy are skinfolks and kinfolks?

Sasha Thumper reminds me so much of what Anna Julia Cooper said about Southern black women and girls being “that large, bright, promising fatally beautiful class that stand shivering.” Wow. When it comes to coffee, everyone has different criteria for what goes into their "perfect cup." It was not the popular 90s New York hip-hop everyone was so accustomed to. The city of Atlanta, complete with a black woman as mayor and possibly a black woman governor on the way, embraces hip-hop as much as any other large city in the country. You ought to be ashamed'/The song wasn't about me and that ain't my name," he details on the song. Like many of my fellow beauty-lovers, I watch my favorite skincare and makeup launches of the year like a hawk from the day after Halloween. Andre speaks of Sasha Thumper in a very kind light, remembering her "number like the summer.". 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