The hourly announcement may be made by a transmitter duty operator or by a time-clock-activated recording. Get the Scala Radio app Open the Scala Radio app Open the Scala Radio app Discover classical music and find out more about the best classical composers, musicians and their works.

For FM stations only, the total peak modulation may be increased 0.5% for each 1.0% increase in subcarrier modulation. [2], In Australia, the service is called "Ancillary Communications Service" (ACS) and the Radio Data System is specifically addressed by government guidelines.[3]. This guide is a helpful tool for an overall summary of TV and Radio coverage across Regional Australia. 67 - Hellas World Radio (Greek Programming) 92 - Radio Jesus es el Senor (Spanish Programming) EMMIS LICENSE CORPORATION OF NEW YORK.


More info: to find out more, including addresses, people who work there, audience figures and other information, see Scala Radio…

The SCA Research Team have been innovating our methods and platforms for over 10 years to better serve the research requirements of our clients and partners. SCA Sub-Carrier (khz) Owner Name.

WPR HD2 Classical Net. 12. WTB====> Ramsey FM Receiver & SCA Decoder or SCA Receiver. WPR Ideas Network. But the days of 'Muzak" faded into the radio sunset. Location Search.

89.5. If you   have any other questions, e-mail me at the address below. When FM stations broadcast, they are allotted a channel width of 200 kHz.

Licensing of subcarrier operations ended in 1983 when the service was deregulated. For additional information regarding radio reading services, see the Commission's Policy Statement, Docket 87-9, 3 FCC Rcd 6323, released 10/28/1988. With an easy way to view and analyse Commercial Radio Australia Regional Radio ratings within minutes. So if the station's location on the dial is 99.1 (which is really 99.1 MHz, or 99,100 kHz), this means that the station can broadcast from the frequencies 99,000 to 99,200 kHz. OR the otherway around, so that the station can have at least a one-way communication with a remote transmitter location, such as at a ball game or parade. See 47 CFR Section 73.593. NYC AREA FM STATIONS WITH SCA SUBCARRIERS. This special programming can consist of anything, but it usually takes the form of readings for the blind, multicultural radio, or … How to listen to "free" FM SCA (sub carrier) station? We aim to provide knowledge and insights to make more informed questions. WHAA FM HD2. These subcarrier transmissions can contain just about anything, but the most common uses are for multilingual broadcasting, reading services for the blind, or even certain types of data transmission. Communications II of South Carolina, Inc. Broomfield Broadcasting of Lexington, Inc. Columbus Club of Florence, South Carolina, City of Georgetown (Georgetown City Fire Department), Norsan Media Group of South Carolina, LLC, Chapel Holy Spirit Church & Bible College, South Carolina LowCountry Gullah People's Movement, Dick Broadcasting Company, Inc. of Tennessee, Regional Baha'i Council of the Southeastern States, Friends of Independent Public Radio Northeast Ltd, Friends of Independent Public Radio Northwest, Truth Chapel World Evangelism Fellowship Church.

(was SCA adapters). The Commission does not keep records of which broadcast stations are using subcarriers.

So if the station's location on the dial is 99.1 (which is really 99.1 MHz, or 99,100 kHz), this means that the station can broadcast from the frequencies 99,000 to 99,200 kHz. Where are FM stations broadcasting SCA? Some radio stations use the excess bandwidth to broadcast what are called subcarrier transmissions. NEW YORK, NY.

WEMU FM HD1. Transmissions over the AM or FM station's subcarrier are not required to comply with the station identification, delayed recording, and sponsor identification announcements required by 47 CFR Section 73.1201, 47 CFR Section 73.1208, and 47 CFR Section 73.1212. Each FM radio transmission uses only a certain amount of frequency for the broadcast of stereo (usually between 19 and 53 kHz). These types of transmission usually are called "SCA transmissions," which stands for Subsidiary Communications Authority, the name of the governing branch of the FCC. Freq.

An interesting use for SCAs is sending satellite-received audio on them. and (d)(3). Some broadcasters also use SCA as a remote metering facility.

SCA--a legal term that stands for "Subsidiary Communications Authorization"--uses this extra space for special programming between the frequencies of 67 and 92 kHz. These subcarrier channels are not receivable with a regular radio; special receivers are required. No one can deliver, or is more committed to regional radio than SCA and FREQUENCY proves it. However, the FM licensee must continue the hourly identification procedures on the main channel (see 47 CFR Section 73.1201).

A normal FM radio (the type in your car, for instance) is not capable of decoding these transmissions.

Or, to put it more accurately, ear .

When you listen to your FM radio, you often get more than meets the eye. [1] The fidelity (bandwidth) of SCA channels on FM is generally quite limited compared to that of the main program material, resulting in audio quality similar to AM radio broadcasting.

Modulation levels up to 110% (82.5 kHz peak deviation) are permitted for FM stations using subcarriers (75 kHz deviation = 100%). (was SCA adapters). SCA, more than you'll ever need to know!

Find your radio station SCA provides access to over 100 regional radio stations across 54 markets regionally and is one of the biggest providers of regional media.

Probably 20 years ago I picked up a receiver that was made for the now defunct Physician's Radio Network. See 47 CFR Section 73.1570(b)(2). WSKQ.

Providing Local and National News bulletins, Promotions and Football Programming. WRHI radio, Rock Hill, South Carolina, 2017, This list is complete and up to date as of, South Carolina radio market navigational boxes.

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