OK smog_index: 8.8 7.44779559118 118% => OK The Internet is a very important tool for society, since it helps us in parallel in communication and learning. No of words: 298.0 315.596192385 94% => More content wanted. automated_readability_index: 12.1 13.0946893788 92% => Automated_readability_index is low. Subordination: 3.0 2.10420841683 143% => OK As in the essay, the young people get addicted to online games and they become addicted to the internet quickly. Band 8 Essay: Public libraries are no longer required because of the internet.

:). My essay also showed that current restrictions on criminally motivated websites should probably stay in place because there is no need for students to learn about criminal activity, and some websites may offer dangerous advice on how to become a criminal, and that should be avoided too.

Interrogative: 0.0 0.384769539078 0% => OK Others are against any forms of internet censorship. Paragraph topic coherence: 0.187429265036 0.151304729494 124% => OK For young people it is. smog_index: 3.1 7.44779559118 42% => Smog_index is low.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, Transition Words or Phrases used: To conclude, I firmly believe that there are no valid grounds for internet censorship. Line 4, column 188, Rule ID: IN_A_X_MANNER[1]

IELTS sample essay: Should governments provide free internet? Finally, the present generation have many advantages over our ancestors. So, please, be attantive! I love it! How to make your essays and reports sound more formal, Band 9 essay sample | Printed books and magazines have lost their importance, Band 9 Essay Samples | Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping, IELTS Essay: Friends have a greater influence than parents on young people. Subordination: 1.0 2.10420841683 48% => OK Chars per sentence: 92.1764705882 106.682146367 86% => OK And finally, of course, our beloved social media which helps us to communicate, to meet people of different kinds, and the worse-gossip. The internet gives us access to limitless amounts of information. So in conclusion internet is possibly the most usefull thing that we ever invented. Many would argue that students are already too heavily restricted from seeing the political right’s point of view, but I feel it should be restricted further. This is indeed a valid point.

I think Internet is very useful in schools and in work. My argumentative essay proved that these restrictions should be extended and strengthened to ensure no student is ever exposed to the right’s point of view, otherwise students will be brainwashed into voting for the right. Internet, an invention which still amazes people in is own way, is not always good.

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