During the Eclipse, Slan along with the rest of the God Hand welcomes Griffith as one of them and witnesses as he becomes Femto. of this statue, but they are VERY minor.

Slan takes on the form of a succubus with black leathery wings and vine-like hair. Godly powersCausality manipulationManifestations Slan smiles during the Eclipse, in the third film of the film trilogy.

The only thing that would make it better is if Casca was fighting right alongside Guts, which looks like something like that might happen. Yes. A precious sacrifice, so that he may become a demon.– Slan to Guts[6], Slan and the other members of the God Hand first make themselves known to Griffith during his imprisonment in the Tower of Rebirth, greeting him as their kinsman and foretelling his forthcoming audience with them. Her perspective is perverted …

She and the rest of the senior God Hand manifest rudimentary bodies from the surrounding environment; she manifests through the land on the field during Griffith's Eclipse, and uses restless spirits to materialize in St. Albion.

Saved by DeviantArt. Powers/Skills Decepticons (Megatron | Starscream | Blitzwing | Lugnut | Blackarachnia | Shockwave/Longarm Prime | Soundwave (Laserbeak & Ratbat) | Starscream Clones (Slipstream) | Lockdown | Swindle | Wasp/Waspinator) | Black Tohma, Transformers: Animated

- serial # 155- limitation 300 Adon Coborlwitz | Meltdown | Slan scolds the Skull Knight for having interrupted her moment alone with Guts.

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