Drilled and tapped as needed for installation of bulkhead, firewall and footwell inspection covers 5. Read More: Motorcycle-Powered Kit Cars Will Give an Ariel Atom a Run for Its Money. Unfortunately, in its debut race a Lancia Delta was involved in a fatal crash that ended Group B as a category, so we'll never know what the RS200 could have been capable of. As a result, the angular mid-engine Stratos gave way to the equally fast but not nearly as crazy as the Delta Integrale. When Toyota entered GT-1 racing they didn't even bother with the pretence that they were making a road car.

The Red Flags to Look for Before Buying a Used Truck, Video Gives an Epic Look Inside Cockpit of F-22 Raptor, Jesse James’ “Monster Garage” Team Turns Mustang Into Lawnmower, You’re Going to Love Ernie Adams, Creator of the Dwarf Car, Motorcycle-Powered Kit Cars Will Give an Ariel Atom a Run for Its Money. The GTM maxes out at about 180 mph. Once you’ve assembled this beast, you’ll be able to accelerate from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and stop at 60 MPH in 111 feet. Dropped floors for extra headroom 7. The current owner claims the F1R is “good in traffic,” which is probably bullshit, but makes him no less of a hero. But when you get a bunch of go-fast engineers together, crazy things can happen. But, according to the seller, “adjusting the turbo can substantially increase this,” which sounds like fun. Vincenzo Sospiri drives the No.

But the big, blocky muscle cars of the sixties weren't up to the aerodynamic challenge. Ford also needed a production version of their 429 cubic inch engine to go racing in NASCAR. For any Group B collector, this is the car to get. The answer, with a few caveats, is yes. Sometimes they were exaggerated, other times they were under-reported to avoid DMV classifications or factory directives that told the engineers to cool it so that the company didn't look like it was contributing to the 'hot rod menace.' You just think and it turns. Where the Daytona/Superbird's wing was to keep the monster on the ground, the Evo's wing was meant to give the car a lower drag coefficient. These cars only have one, and that's all a driver needs.

For the EVO II, things got a little crazier. Anyone with the money could buy one from Porsche and go race it. This is another partial turnkey, so you’ll need a donor car for this kit, as well.

It's hard to think of the M3 as anything other than the flagship sports car for BMW.

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