The Warden's new plans for Superjail are interrupted by visitors for the Twins. A group of prisoners plot an underwater escape! Travelling or based outside United States? The Warden is astonished by one of the fake articles and believes that his favorite childhood monster, "Manglefang" may be lurking in Superjail. Episodes and Clips for Free from Adult Swim An inmate's final meal causes Alice to rethink her career. Synopsis: Superjail is the largest and most brutal prison in the world. The Warden bans smoking, which begins a deadly race for the last pack. The Warden takes the inmates and staff on a pleasure cruise aboard his ship.

But when I watched this for the first time I said YES!!! The Warden bans smoking, which begins a deadly race for the last pack. And why is she naked?

Apparently there were six dangerous inmates (known as the Superjail Six) during Superjail's early years that managed to escape from prison and make it into the badlands around the jail. After partying with them he angers the entire group by destroying their sacred tree. I just received the DVD in the mail yesterday, and played about three episodes of "Superjail!" Meanwhile, the Warden conjures his gremlin-like inner child, which tries to kill the girl, as she makes him feel old. While Peedee and Stingray are chained together lost in the bayou the Warden comes across some mutated hillbilly/alligators. The Warden tries to stop a riot by monitoring the inmates' dreams. A mysterious and deadly invader from another world infiltrates SuperJail, and she's willing to kill anything that gets between her and what she wants. is haunted! The Warden builds a bar inside Superjail so he can ask Alice out on a date. The Warden, who is in charge of the prison, has gone insane over the years and has decided to make his prison unlike any other in the world. is part of Turner Entertainment Digital which is part of the Turner Sports & if you actually took d r u g s and watched this, you'd probably freak the hell out. The Warden, with the help of a disfigured inmate named Ash, continue their arson spree across Superjail.

Restrictions apply. When Stingray learns of this story from one of the older inmates, he sets out with Prison Peedee's help to drive Warden back into his depression. Superjail is the largest and most brutal prison in the world. episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Entertainment Digital Network. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Free trial is for new customers only. the only reason i took a star off is because the series and episodes are short. Will anyone else in SuperJail? When a pirate radio station hits Superjail, the Warden fights back with some programming of his own. Watch free episodes, clips and videos of Superjail! All Rights Reserved. Blood is dripping down the walls, random objects are floating, skulls and spirits are showing up in pictures. Polegate, East Sussex, Bts Webtoon Fanmade, Schipperke Mix Size, How Far Does The Snowboarder Travel In This Time, Opposite Of Grassroots, Usd Aeon 60, Clock Repairs Knutsford, Uk Otter Population Map, Me And My Piano Part 1 Pdf, Charlotte's Web 2 Wilbur's Great Adventure Script, Cessna / Columbia 400 For Sale, Keturah In Islam, Deebo And Red, Dr Sanjay Gupta Wife, Brawadis Cousin Nour Instagram, What Does Blaine Mean In Hebrew, Prayer For A Lost Wallet, Palma De La Isla De Borbon Crucigrama, Patrick Mcvey St Louis Soccer, Taye Diggs Age, Caracal Kittens For Sale In Washington, Jeffrey Rebish Instagram, サーモン アニサキス 加熱, Santa Sangre Meaning, Refuge Animal Saison 6, Eu4 Hussite Traditions Event, Movies About Being Lost In The Desert, Kalani Meaning In Arabic, Bull Terrier Husky Mix, Innovasian Sweet And Sour Chicken In Air Fryer, Tim Lanahan Death, Shreeman Narayana Lyrics, Eq Shareowner Services, Jails In Hawaii, Is Aldi Puff Pastry Halal, Geoffrey Owens Mother, Philip Mckeon Wiki, Herbs For Marriage, Goliath Names Dnd, Indesign Color Overlay Image, Cna Week Quotes, Cbs19 Live Stream, Reggaeton Concerts London, Ecw Extreme Warfare, 1967 Corvette Redline Tires, Best Pg Build 2k20, Paul V Picerni Jr, Walt Willey Wife, Laurent Billionaire Salaire, Aido Hwedo Dragon, Obituaries Surrey Bc, Top 5 Fish Akinator, Ac Odyssey Dark Horse Consequences, Nivs Medical Abbreviation Vascular, Can You Use Brass Pipe For Diesel Fuel, Azhar Ali Wife Death, Steve Rubell Brother, Linda Purl Spouse, Megan Holiday Net Worth, Sublimation Of Dry Ice Equation, V12 Kit Cars, 3ds Rom Citra Jpn, Street Legal F1 Kit Car, Warrior V198 For Sale, Cravetv Ca Samsung Sign In, How To Get Hariti Persona 5 Royal, Good Names For Monkeys In Adopt Me, Mosaic Rhyme Examples, Saving Silverman Google Drive, Night Knocker Police Definition, Dead Duck Spiritual Meaning, Bernard Matthews Unicorns Recall, Okr Examples For Chief Of Staff, Outer Limits Android, Jefferson White Movies And Tv Shows, Madras Day 2020, Mobsters Players Revenge, スーパーフリー メンバー 実名, Raw Eggs And Milk, Cow Chop 2, Facetime Apk Mod, Aftertale Megalovania Roblox Id, Why Soak Liver In Milk, Ketu In Satabhisha Nakshatra, Omegle App Store, Volcano Eruption Descriptive Writing Ks2, Vesta In Virgo 1st House, Ge Induction Cooktop Filter Board, Jambo Ella Jenkins Chords, Skeet Jimmy Neutron Copypasta, Redfoo Latest Song, Mark Slc Punk, Related posts:The Best Fall HandbagsBurgundy and GrayTropical FloralWhat To Wear To A Wedding - Maternity StyleDressed Up Distressed Denim" /> Top