The author would like to thank you for your continued support. -Max turned his head away from his mother as he spoke. Portrayed By So I think I'm smart enough to know you don't have a stomach bug, and instead are dealing with your first real romance issues. Max is Sydney's father. Zach Thompson(crush)Bryce(one-sided crush on his side)Harry(friend/crush) -Olive suddenly tilted her head back and laughed a bit. Olive: Thanks! I own three copies of every Sydney Taylor book. Olive titled her head up and began to close her eyes as she enjoyed what Sydney was doing to her. Max: Because kissing and romance only leads to heart break in our family. And then it happened. S2 E4 23m. With her other free hand, Sydney moved it so it went under Olive's hand. Many of these can be from dying her hair to sneaking out to a concert. Your review has been posted.

Alicia: Umm.

Are... are Sydney and Olive... -Max smiled as Judy went over to sit next to him. Alicia: Yes.

Olive: Hi Grandma Judy. I guess this sure explains a lot.


She is the daughter of Max Reynolds and Alisha Reynolds and the granddaughter of Judy Reynolds and Maya Carter. Sadly, Alisha died prior to the events of the series. -Sydney was laying on her bed still and silent with a look of confusion and uncertainty on her face. -Alicia suddenly began to blush as she made a little smile at Max. Alicia: Well... it's okay. -Sydney then put both of her hands on Olive's shoulders and began to massage them. Olive watched with so much eagerness to see her best friend win. The two both walked away from each other as they spoke softly to themselves. I hope you guys enjoy! ], Sydney: That was amazing! -Sydney and Olive were walking down a sidewalk while holding hands. Olive... do... do you... do you remember when we first met?

settings. But I have to admit something. Sydney: Me too. We're both going out tonight. -Alicia smiled as she saw Max's interest was sincere. Age

The two girls were completely silent as Olive slowly sat next to Sydney. Sydney: For the rest of our lives.

Sorry. Brunette Sydney: It's just... you think you know how the world works. And that's how it's gonna be with me and Alicia.

Sydney: Yeah.

season 2.

Full Name We just wanted to feel touched, pleasured, and be given attention by the other.

Cloud DVR with no storage limits. Hope you all are enjoying my first Sydney to the Max fanfiction. StudentFencing Team Maggie and Sydney is the romantic relationship between Dr. Maggie Lin and Dr. Sydney Katz.

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