Yuzuru visits regularly bringing books and DVDs in Japanese in order for Tamaki to become familiar with the language. Ep 22 - Mori-senpai Has an Apprentice Candidate!

When Ritsu Kasanoda comes to the club unannounced to become Mori's apprentice, Mori lashes out without warning, which Tamaki misinterprets as anger towards the club because Mori has so few lines throughout the anime. Ep 16 - Operation Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date! Tamaki finds Haruhi's wallet in the pond.

Tamaki never gave up, even with their hateful comments, Tamaki tried again and again.

This is where she met Tamaki, the last one to figure out she was a girl and not a boy.

wherein they trick the blond into a water gun fight by telling Haruhi they're going to marry her and go on honeymoon which effectively gets Tamaki into the fray.

He gives up on pursuing Haruhi to allow Hikaru a chance to be with her. Kaoru first meets Tamaki when he and his twin brother, Hikaru, are recruited for the newly-formed Host Club during the twins' last year of junior high school. While unaware at the time, he thought of it as the feelings a father would have for his daughter, thus calling her his little girl. Being a hafu (Japanese by his father and French by his mother), Tamaki has the pale-blond hair inherited from his mother. Though it is unknown what she was like prior to this time, it seems that succeeding events caused her to become bitter and mean, and one of the only people that Honey hates.

Tamaki, completely immersed in his Host role. Tamaki likes to think of himself as the "daddy" of the Host Club, and thinks of Haruhi as his "daughter". Later, in Volume 9 of the manga, it is revealed that Yuzuru knows where Anne-Sophie is located following her "disappearance," but keeps this to himself to allow Shizue time to reconcile with her grandson. In the manga, during a 2nd-year school trip to France, Kyoya Ootori finds her and discovers that she is living quite healthily and thinking of her son every day.

Anne-Sophie is Tamaki's mother, who voluntarily separates herself from her son and her beloved Yuzuru.

The positive traits of this sign are adventurousness, courage, versatility, liveliness and passion; the negative traits being arrogance, stubbornness, impulsivity, a lack of discipline, a tendency towards being confrontational and a tendency to leave projects midway. His teasing of Tamaki is more as a support for his brother, Hikaru, although he also finds it especially amusing to tease the Host Club President about his wish to be called "King" (aka Tono or Boss). Tamaki is the first person, outside of Mori, to encourage Honey to be exactly who he is without apology and who accepts his loli-shota ways without question, stating that true courage is the ability to be oneself. In the manga, it is through Haruhi and her friends' intervention and mediation that Shizue comes to terms with Anne-Sophie and Tamaki to the point that Shizue asks Tamaki to apologize to Anne-Sophie on her behalf, as well as insist that Tamaki see his mother off. Despite their outward rivalry for Haruhi's attentions, it is Hikaru who helps Tamaki realize his true feelings for the.

Throughout the anime and manga series, his facial expressions are the most exaggerated.

She worked hard and was a caring mother. Due to Tamaki's illegitimacy, Shizue Suoh, the matriarch of the Suoh family, arranges for René to live in Japan in the second mansion, offering Anne-Sophie financial security and health care in return for custody of the then fourteen-year old boy, who is known in Japan as Tamaki.

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when Renge remodelsUmehito Nekozawa into a princely big brother for his younger sister, Kirimi Nekozawa. Anne-Sophie accepts this offer because she is ill and fears for her son's future, going into hiding after Tamaki's departure. Tamaki feelings develop from casual interest to deep abiding love over the course of the anime (in part) and in the manga (completely).

Shizue Suoh is the Suoh family matriarch the mother of Yuzuru Suoh and the grandmother of Tamaki Suoh.She is a powerful individual who rules her family and its financially successful businesses with an iron hand. In exchange, his mother would be provided with a better life, but the two of them would never be allowed to meet again.

As a child, Tamaki grew up in France with his mother, with his father visiting periodically. When Tamaki first sees Michelle, he is instantly obsessed because of Michelle's blue eyes and honey-blonde hair, which resembles his mother's violet-blue eyes and pale-blonde hair. Though it is unknown what she was like prior to this time, it seems that succeeding events caused her to become bitter and mean, and one of the only people that Honey hates. Ep 06 - The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type! Ryoji and Tamaki first meet in Ep 10 - A Day in the Life of the Fujioka Family!, his initial impression of Tamaki being, "He's an idiot" and later, upon noticing Tamaki's genuine interest in Haruhi, "the enemy."

Despite their outward rivalry for Haruhi's attentions, it is Hikaru who helps Tamaki realize his true feelings for the girl, helping him understand that their bond together as a club or as a family wouldn't be broken should he pursue romance with Haruhi.

Portrayal Ep 10 - A Day in the Life of the Fujioka Family!

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