The cultists were all killed soon after, save for Hafez, who headed off from his cronies in another direction, and Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun soon reached the golden Pyramid. Mummification. In The Mummy: The Animated Series which the storyline based upon The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, Imhotep was resurrected with a partial scalp and a small goatee, with a kaftan-like garment in place of his customary black robes; after his resurrection, Imhotep had reverted to a partially-rotted state with a long black coat-like robe and tunic.

Meela proffered a gift to Imhotep: Evelyn O'Connell was brought forward, bound down by ropes and carried on a board by several cultists; Meela knew that watching Evelyn die would please Imhotep, as he recognized Evelyn at once.


The three thieves, horrified at the sight of that dead man, screamed and fired their guns at the mummy, which had no negative effect on Imhotep, who simply stood there laughing.

He had now regenerated into a partially decayed, chalky white appearance that contrasted to his previous rotted form.

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