We have gained several new as well as the return of some "veteran" members. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hopefully a prestige system? This fight is relatively easy if you exert enough crowd control to kill the caster in time before it wreaks havoc. Then target the caster (if held) or the two punishers (if caster is not held) before finishing out the last DK.

When this occurs, all casting will be nullified for all members of fight. Depending on the situation of the battlefield and your level of frustration, but single holds/stuns will result in the lowest likelihood of wipes. Welcome to Shadow Realm's wiki. For fun and Advancement of the Guild! Current Version: 3.283 Come hang out with us on our discord … Similar strategy as above. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. If both of these things happen, there will be a high likelihood of a few deaths to full party wipes. While having fun and sticking to their duties we have enough to form 2 Baronies!!! Because of the VERY high likelihood of AMA proccing, it's very important to exert as much crowd control as possible. The guide below serves as a general strategy for what has been found to be successful. In here you will find a lot of information about how our systems work. The Realm is the ideal place for role playing adventures, quests, and online chat rooms. We say Thank You Officers for hosting a successful Noobie Drop in game. This is a straightforward fight consisting of three casters. family. A world of companionship where hundreds of players from around the globe are waiting to welcome you to a very special place. [6], In the game's first year, 25,000 user accounts had been made. An elf thief also is very accurate when using a weapon, because of its high dexterity. Casting is allowed again for the next round if the message "anti-magic aura has dissipated" appears at the conclusion of the round. This is the second most frustrating fight with seven NPCs: three hitters (two DKs) and four casters. While talking with the game developers it was told that the next major update would be coming on August 31st. The Realm is the overworld of the game. " The Realm Online " is an exciting, adventurous land of monsters, magic, and medieval society. Once they fall, the rest of the fight is easy.

https://therealmonline.fandom.com/wiki/Strategies?oldid=3843. Illusionary foe may be of benefit here. ADOT bleeder ASGW, AEGW) as well as a hitter with maximum damage output (e.g. Word of caution: The fights become progressively harder as you advance through the dungeon and the fights have more and more NPCs. Do not wait to cast mass fear because this will allow them to cast mass myst first and result in your downfall. Thus, this toon is primarily for leveling by yourself or in a group, but not in PVP combat. illusionary foe). Killing one caster will alleviate most of the frustration of this battle. So it's important to single target them because of quicker casting time and longer duration of myst. With luck, your holds might land. These battles consist of three NPCs each, but have two casters and one hitter now. Focus on killing the caster first, then take down each DK one by one.

Welcome to the Official Fantasy Realm Online Wiki. On June 1, 2018 Rat Labs opened a "fresh start" server that is free to play. Each server has multiple Realm portals at the northern end of the main Nexus building. The Tunnels of Death is currently the most difficult dungeon in The Realm Online. Any NPC not captured on the first round should be have single hold/stun applied unless three or more are missed. The Realm Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Don't underestimate the single caster here because it can wreck your whole party if allowed to cast. Do not cast illusionary foe unless there are three or fewer DKs because they can chain off AMA and do a lot more harm than good. Character creation is very easy and there are tons of possible looks that you can create. It may be a lot of work but continue to single hold/stun the casters as they break and focus on killing them off one by one. Therefore it imperative that your change your alignment to neutral prior to embarking into the darkness of this dungeon. As above, do not cast illusionary foe here as you risk a chance of summoning a DK of your own, which can proc AMA and ruin your fight. Realms have a limit of 85 players, including all players both in the overworld and in dungeons entered through the overworld. We welcome several new members back from LoA/MiA - Baron Mesaana (Chub), Baron Adarin, Countess Zaenyea, Baroness Kattria, Squire Meaz (SirForEver), and Squire Topdogg.

Please welcome our newest Member Squire Brancrease!!! They are currently scheduling and collecting for another. This battle is extremely difficult for two reasons: for one, Rosedriah has very high myst resistance and freewill (she only holds until end of round). Use hitter toons to target the hitters and kill them first before focusing on the casters. This fight consists of four DKs and one caster. Again, if possible, single hold at least one caster (or both if the other is visible). These two battles also consists of five NPCs: three hitters (one or two DK) and two casters. Check it out here - https://realmserver.com/forum/announcements/changes-for-september-28th-2018-announcements#post_2801. [1] It was designed in the tradition of graphical MUDs,[2] before the usage of the terms "massively multiplayer" and "MMORPG". Holds Adamantium Club (when procced, casts iron chains), Punisher: Armor Rating: 82, Evil Melee Mod: 500, Spell Resistances: S:0 E:40 M:65 T:75 N:40. Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones. We love our *NOR/! Patience is key here.

Once again we have the chance of old members and new to relive some of the earliest adventure the New OutRiders was built upon! Also, that we may get more game patches before then while they work on balancing aspect and bugs. Whether you like to chat, decorate or hunt in groups - The Realm has something for Everyone! Hats: Each time a hit lands on the casters' hat, there is a chance to proc fear or mass drain against your entire party. It is a wiki so you don't even have to make an account to make changes (although recommended). Witch: Armor Rating: 66; Good Melee Modifier: 500; Spell Resistance: S:70, E:70, M:80, T:50, N:90. The first & longest established graphical massively-multiplayer MMORPG fantasy adventure game. Wipes will very likely occur here, but do not go down without taking a few NPCs with you. There have been many new happenings in The Realm Online. Add the Officers to your friends list and PM us in game. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/l94UI1Eo6vytSMstEj9w2qmufKlfjqwkVYkKUtruNpLEQ6XwqQjX_cWQM9Tx387TOQ6XDwBWs8JjnuoCDu6Le7GwtOGRggXKDVIKl45NZWWt48Uc4eHbaaSSrAY687zYfu-3exCVtw=w1920-h1080. The Realm Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Take out the caster if possible, otherwise target the non-DKs first (Reapers > Punishers). Below are some possibilities to consider when creating your character: One of the fastest hitters that you can make.

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