When it comes to the differences with the T2 and T3 there are a few key aspects that tend to influence your decision. When it comes to purchasing one, you really just need to determine your needs. If you begin to move into the higher weight ranges, the rack can sometimes have trouble keeping up with demand, especially when it comes to the squats and rack pulls. Light level is higher, but that doesnt make much of a difference. Titan's first and currently it's most popular power rack is the Titan T-3. It offers Titan X-3 vs Titan T-3. Gnawing Hunger, the auto, also only drops from T3. Offering a wide range of positions, heights and exercises with the additional safety arms that just jut out to provide extra support, you are going to have a lot of options that you can do. or 6 phalanxes and they can boop you off the bridge. The half rack design optimizes flexibility in terms of movements that you can perform, accompanied by the increased number of hole options, you have an unlimited amount of possibilities. I’m a research writer and test performance hacker, avid intermittent faster, and weight loss specialist. Price: $515 for full height version. Let's take a look at them in the table below: Titan X-3.

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