Powered by the new clean, efficient and even-burning Hodgdon Triple 8 propellant, the FireStick is a fast, safe and incredibly accurate way to charge a muzzleloader. For safety reasons, FireSticks are designed for one-time use and cannot be reloaded. As long as there have been muzzleloading firearms, their shooters have been burdened by reliability, consistency and safety concerns. That's nearly unheard of with centerfire rifle ammunition, let alone with a multiple-component muzzleloading system. The powder was tested for cleanliness with 10 consecutive shots, with no noticeable decrease in accuracy. No. Compatible with the new NitroFire muzzleloader from Traditions, the Federal Premium FireStick is the critical component of a revolutionary new ignition system that uses an encapsulated polymer propellant charge that loads from the breech, while the bullet is loaded from the muzzle. Loading the NitroFire® is as easy as 1-2-3! Shop Replacement Gun Stocks & Stock Accessories. How do I unload a bullet from the NitroFire®? Learn more about Hodgdon’s new Triple Eight muzzleloader powder by visiting hodgdon.com. The Firestick™ is an encapsulated powder charge and is impervious to moisture allowing for consistent, reliable, accurate shots. The Elite XT™ system allows the action to be broken open in the At Rest position with the cross block safety engaged which allows you to load or unload your muzzleloader and view the chamber. Using a pre-charged FireStick also prevents double charging or overcharging the rifle. The bullet seats on the shelf, not on top of powder. The charge is completely impervious to moisture and loaded with clean-burning Hodgdon® Triple Eight powder to the same tight tolerances as Federal Premium factory ammunition, ensuring shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy muzzleloaders have never experienced. Using a cleaning solvent provides an effective and efficient job cleaning. You will get an excellent gas seal since the Smackdown® series is sized correctly for Traditions™ bore diameter. Where can I buy the NitroFire® Muzzleloader?

details : Shipping Rate: $8.50 - Membership Required - $1.95 14 day Trial, $19.95/Month or $149/Year, must call to cancel . Traditions Performance Firearms worked with Federal Premium to engineer the NitroFire inline muzzleloader to accept the new FireStick.

The NitroFire® is equipped with Traditions™ new Elite XT™ Hammer & Trigger system. You will get an excellent gas seal since the Smackdown® series is sized correctly for Traditions™ bore diameter.

But that's where the similarities end. Synthetic Stock R3300850 from all vendors from Wikiarms.com, With Secuirty/Leo discont you couldPick the up for 500 out the door to high right now. Lock MZ System), I determined a velocity variance of less than 45 fps. Compare prices for Traditions Deerhunter Percussion Muzzleloader .50 Cal. The CVA Accura buttstock is easy to replace; simply remove the cap screw on the bottom of the buttstock grip, then remove the main stock screw to replace your buttstock.

Can I buy a NitroFire® barrel for my existing muzzleloader? Sights 1.5 inches above bore line. The ballistics data above provides velocities, energy and trajectories for the bullets listed. This makes the powder totally impervious to moisture and the elements and provides for fast, effortless loading. Each and every FireStick charge is built with the same tight tolerances as Federal’s factory ammo, taking accuracy and shot consistency closer to that of a standard rifle. As for accuracy, on an indoor range, the smallest groups with both bullets measured half an inch or less at 100 yards! The NEW NitroFire® muzzleloader is .50 caliber and has a 26” ultralight chromoly steel fluted and tapered barrel, 1:28” twist rifling, Dual Safety System, and much more. They've partnered with Federal Premium® and Hodgdon® Powder to make muzzleloading safer, more reliable, and more consistent.

The NitroFire® is also equipped with Traditions™ new Elite XT™ trigger system.

Expert Advice! Not sure what you mean. Like all muzzleloaders, the bullet is loaded down the barrel of the NitroFire and sits on a shelf. I'm the one that started this portion of the thread. Traditions Firearms walks you through how to clean your Traditions Break Action muzzleloader. The Ridgeback™ Sabot that comes with the Carnivore™, XR™, and Bleed™ series is a 4-petal, ribbed sabot which additionally helps provide a tight gas seal. The NitroFire® is a .50 caliber muzzleloader with a 26” Ultralight Chromoly steel tapered and fluted barrel. The NitroFire® can be purchased at local dealers, online retailers, or any major retailers that carry Traditions™ products. Sorry you are so poor you cannot afford either rifle. Users can be assured that when they are using the Firestick™ they are using a safe, correct load for their NitroFire®. There are many advantages to the new rifle, and charge, that will undoubtedly generate questions about the combination being an actual "muzzleloading" system. Simply break the action, remove the FireStick and reload it the next day. This provides a consistent starting point every time. Took me weeks to fix each order. Push it down the barrel and seat it on the shelf within the barrel. Inline muzzleloader manufacturers have toiled over research and development to build a better rifle since the first MK-85 hit the market close to four decades ago.

They've partnered with Federal Premium® and Hodgdon® Powder to make muzzleloading safer, more reliable, and more consistent. The Elite XT™ Trigger system also locks the action when the NitroFire® is fully cocked so the muzzleloader cannot be broken open. https://www.federalpremium.com/firestick.html. CT Web Design Company New Wave Industries, Web Hosting NWI Networks CT Data Center/Colocation. For more information and videos about Federal Ammunition’s new, ground-breaking FireStick™ and all other products from Federal ammunition, visit: federalpremium.com . Always check to make sure your safety is on and your muzzleloader is pointed in a safe direction. Temporary ZIP code: Store Price Other Information; NGOA Buyers Club. FireSticks are sold in 10-count packs and carry an MSRP of $26.95 per pack. Be sure the Firestick™ has been removed from your NitroFire® through the breech area. The benefits of this design, however, are obvious: The NitroFire and FireStick system keeps ignition consistent by protecting the powder, even during storage; the loading process is easy, and the primer can be left in the FireStick or removed without compromising the charge; the NitroFire and FireStick do not restrict the choice of bullets and 209 muzzleloader primers, meaning hunters and shooters can stick with proven favorites. Next, take your ramrod and thread on the NitroFire® Bullet Unloading Jag accessory. They screwed up every time. What safety benefits does the Firestick™ system provide? What bullet does Traditions™ recommend to use in the NitroFire® muzzleloader? An afternoon on the outdoor range produced similar groups. These items must be purchased … And while there has been significant evolution and technological advancements, recent years have seen the muzzleloading industry plateau with little innovation. $202.61. Yes, the NitroFire® muzzleloader currently requires a 4473 and is not considered an antique firearm. All this means the FireStick™ system generally reduces the traditional “powder ring” black powder shooters have come to recognize in the barrel after repeated firings.

Here are the steps to load the NitroFire®: 1. So you know some about physics.... Nice.

The Firestick™ system which provides several safety benefits.

The NitroFire does not change the range, projectile or even ignition used in standard inline muzzleloaders. The Elite XT™ Trigger system provides safety features that allow you to remove the Firestick™ from your NitroFire® if you are crossing a fence, getting into a vehicle, climbing out of a treestand, and so forth. Monday, August 31, 2020. The new Hodgdon® Triple 8 powder burns very efficiently and greatly reduces the amount of unburnt powder and residue in the NitroFire®. Premium-grade Chromoly steel allows the NitroFire® to be lightweight and not muzzle-heavy yet remain strong and accurate. What has Trump done for American firearm owner than ban bump stocks, make claims how he likes to take the guns first ?

The NitroFire® is the only muzzleloader on the market that uses the Federal Premium® Firestick™. FireStick unloads quickly, simply and safely by slipping out of the action—there’s no need to fire the rifle.

Velocity shot with 26-inch rifled barrel.

The new Hodgdon® Triple 8 is not designed for water-based clean-up. The NitroFire® is one of the safest muzzleloaders on the market since several safety features have been built into this muzzleloader: The Firestick™ system provides the best-in-class safety. As of launch, the NitroFire® does not have an interchangeable barrel option and barrels cannot be purchased to be put on previously existing muzzleloaders. Always check local regulations and contact your game and fish department to confirm for your area. •            Polymer charge filled with clean-burning Hodgdon® Triple Eight powder, •            Charges from the breech of Traditions NitroFire® rifle, •            Bullet loads from the muzzle, •            Totally impervious to moisture and the elements, •            Same tight tolerances and quality controls as loaded ammunition, •            Fast, effortless loading and unloading, •            Shooter inserts 209 shotgun primer (not included), To learn more about the Firestick™ visit: https://www.federalpremium.com/firestick.html.

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