She smiles through most of her days.

genderbender fanfic:DD, Min Yoongi and  Park Jihyo are both from the poor family and started as a childhood bestfriends but life is too tough and unpredictable for both teens who are reaching for their dreams to become an idol. The girl's face goes red and she stamps the floor, stomping off, and Kim can hear chuckling from behind her. She bets he thinks she's really ugly. Derek and emily are at ant moment going trough ups and downs and some how make things work! But then she looks at her scars in the mirror like she used to, and remembers who she used to be. "I don't need you to fix me."

A few days later she wakes up in the hospital.

she snorts. Betty always pets Kim like a cat and tells her she's a good girl. "If you don't walk with me, I can ensure they lock you up for life. They make her memorize whole dictionaries of faces, they train her on how to use knives and guns. It's for the greater good. It's a messy apartment.

It sat there and stared at her, a memento of the forever she thought she'd found. But it's all fake, she remembers things that never happened. But it came to her mouth organically. You pick the moment and you'll have about one minute of consciousness before it overtakes you. You probably have a lot of memory loss," Ron strokes her hair again. She's not allowed to make friends either, or keep in contact with anyone.

Her work doesn't allow it. Her smile isn't very natural. The Tempus Simia. She should have walked. But Ron doesn't seem to understand so she gives up. She should not have killed them. "You saved their daughter. "Had to relearn.". The way her soft voice talk, her dance skills that gracefully show how flexible and talent she is,her polite and down to earth attitude making her the most popular girl in the school. "You saw me. "Maybe part of you is happy to have found me again.". Kim wishes she didn't come. But it would just hurt people. "After it's done, don't come in contact with him again.

Do you understand? "I wasn't kidding. "You know what moment to go to, right?". ", "Don't know," Kim says.

"It's all your fault anyway.

She should've worn a dress. She falls asleep at some point, and wakes up alone with Rufus in her arms. "I know you feel really embarrassed right now for um, crying, and being naked, and being nonverbal, but I'm really proud of you for trying to do this with me.

Then they send her out alone for days, even weeks, on end. Architecture is easy, trust me... if you know what you want. Can you talk with me.".

", Kim manages a slight nod this time. Which means she has to kill. She gets up and leans up against the cavern wall, clutching her side. "He was my mole rat, he died a few years ago. "Who's gonna have your back?" It's still raining. You're not going back to Global Justice, are you? Your review has been posted. Really, she can't drink. Kim nods and points at her mouth, shaking her head. Makes it hard to nibble. "Your standards have clearly fallen. she mutters at the same time he says it. She sobs like a stupid baby, she can't say words, her throat gets tight and her tears make it impossible to see anything. Little did she know Son Chaeyoung was now her mom. LA is beautiful, wonderful, healing. She guesses it's okay for her to cry in front of Ron.

"...I've done a lot of reading about what someone in your position might be experiencing the past few years, and you probably have some kind of PTSD thing or something…", He blinks. No one can beat her in a fight, she's made sure of that. She doesn't look.

Brunette, mean face, pointed jaw, bob cut. She just waits.

The tension just keeps on building up, even making their friends bothered and uncomfortable.

"If you don't walk with me, I can ensure they lock you up for life. But she strips him anyways and climbs over him, looking down. Y/n and Julia are "sisters", both going to Korea to study. But the more Ron works on Kim, the more she thinks about how this is a real human interaction.

His snoring is also funny. And that, she thinks as he slumps back in his chair, snoring, is why she needs to turn her back again.

Ron is alone. Something touched the bed. "You just sounded like the Kim I knew for a minute.

"Do you feel calm?". I'd say my standards have risen.". Because Eric broke her heart. Drakken almost won. She's been trained to identify these things.

She goes home and Betty runs her hand through Kim's hair, and tells her she's a good girl. "Blink twice if you understand, Kim," Ron frowns. ", He stays still. "Sh, we can talk later, okay?" No, you…" he smiles. Kim walks across the rooftop to Bueno Nacho HQ and Li'l Diablos toys are falling from the sky. some girl asks her. People always tease someone they like.

Very tall with brown hair, eyepatch. She sinks into the bed, sniffling, and suddenly nibbles on Ron's ear.

Twice ranked third on Top Artist category of Billboard Japan's 2017 Year-End Rankings.

People are trying to actively kill us a-a-and… you don't even want to save the world, you just want to protect me. "What happened?" If you have to kill him on one of your missions, it doesn't matter. "I think about you a lot.

When the job is done, Kim goes back to Global Justice. It's just me. ", Kim feels her eyes water. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, You, nayeon, jeonyeon, momo, sana, jihyo,mina, dahyun, chaeyoung, tzuyu, you, TWICE, Red Velvet, Choa and Seolhyun of AOA, (f. Bora of SISTAR, Eunji of APink), Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu.

They look at each other for a startled moment, slipping into a rhythm so old they could dance it in their sleep.

They're not married anymore, she doesn't have to take his bull.

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