Yes. We have about a dozen different APs spread over our remote sites with a single controller based here In HQ. on Seamlessly adopt UniFi devices on offsite controllers. All servicing WLANs are disabled (if we cannot reach the gateway, wireless clients won’t either), Has different LED pattern – steady green (managed) with occasional dims, AP will send out beacon over the air and can be found by nearby APs, Only the wired APs under the same controller can establish a downlink to this isolated AP, By default, wired APs don’t go off-channel to look for isolated APs. This is an unofficial community-led place to discuss all of Ubiquiti's products, such as the EdgeRouter, UniFi, AirFiber, etc. Click on the Give Feedback button below! if it finds the record it will then report to your server. Aruba Instant On between multiple buildings and ourdoor AP wired or... New 20 WAP network - can I piece this together. I tried unchecking the Uplink Connectivity Monitor but that made no difference but outside of that I'm lost. Simply Scalable Video Security.

We're not using a guest portal so I'd like to be able to not have the software running at all times. But hey, it's working, can't complain. If so, it will not work with the controller being offline.

UniFi – Set up UAPs in wireless uplink topology, ← UniFi – Migrating Sites with Site Export Wizard, Dual band wired > Dual band wireless, uplink works on 5GHz, Dual band wired > Single band wireless, will uplink on supported frequency of the single band model, Single band wired > Single band wireless will work, as long as the same band is supported on both sides of the link, Single band wired > dual band wireless will not work, Put the island AP to the intended location and connect its power.

If you would like more information on the subject, see our UniFi- Feature Guide: Wireless Uplink article. It store setting locally on the AP if can't see the controller. I have a number of sites where the only time the controller is running is when changes need to be made or to do firmware updates. I closed the software and it seemed to work but our user in that office said it was coming and going. Is it possible for Cisco wireless and Aruba wireless can usein same IP range, View this "Best Answer" in the replies below », Where do you stack up against other IT pros? It has a switch plugged into it that has 7 devices plugged in. Your email address will not be published. Write down the procedure that works and stick to it next time.

Otherwise you can setup a computer on-site or use the CloudKey for this.

I tested the cable and it passed the physical cable test (unless its some intermittent thing) Its getting power from POE so that indicates the cabling is probably good. The AP was online, I could ping it and SSH to it, but it wasn't broadcasting the SSID. I have several that have been running well over a year and I haven't connected back to them since.

Now here's the weird part. Do make sure you've got the latest software on it though, as there were some versions that had such issues, all solved with newer firmware.

Once you update the firmware it will fix the issue.

A month or so ago the server with the controller died and they have all been running fine since as I haven restored this server yet. Minimum RSSI is configured within the UniFi Network Controller UI. Its doable and Ive never seen any problems.

We can see the WAP, but the WAP can't see us. Scalable, plug-and-play network camera system. Everything so good so far on the APs, except one: The AP is reporting that the uplink is wireless, instead of wired. the easiest way is to create a DNS record on your network called "unifi" and point the DNS record to your controller.

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