You're not allowed to copy content on this page, With Your 100% Free and Personalized Astrology Video Report, Get Your Free Personalized Video Report », Learn the secrets the Universe mapped out for you at the moment of your birth. August 15 marks the beginning of metaphysical Uranus’ annual five-month retrograde.

Subscribe », Zodiac sign illustrations by Bodil Jane, The Grande Dame and Yoko Furusho, The Essential Dignities of Planets: Exalted, Detriment, Domicile and Fall, Manifest Your Desires with Our Leo New Moon Ritual. It will ask you to use your intuition to determine who your tribe is and where your home indeed can be found. Thank you so much! When it comes to retrograde planets, the zodiac sign the planet is traveling through gives us an overall flavor of what to expect, but this changes during each retrograde motion period. It is here we find our inner child, our sense of wonder and what brings us joy in the world. Receive a free gift from me on your birthday. For a better insight into what to expect during a Uranus retrograde transit period, we look at which astrological house the planet is moving through. This placement lends to the belief that careers are something you design, not something society designs. Part of preparing for this retrograde is realizing that there will be uncomfortable moments, and the more we resist or try to control the changes around us, the greater we will struggle within those circumstances or events. On August 15, 2020, the planet of awakening, change, and liberation enters the underworld, where it will remain until January 14, 2021. Uranus in retrograde can affect any area of our lives, but often takes aim at the area we’ve recently been focusing on as of late; for many, it's our close relationships, home environment, and the relationship we have with ourself. It will ask you to look at your roots and decide if they need to be replanted our need a new direction. If we can ride the waves of change, while keeping our cool, we have an opportunity to create some significant shifts in our energy.

During a retrograde period, the planet appears to slow down and backtrack in the sky over the degrees that have already been traveled. Each of us has a different way of enjoying the world we live in. And the weekly Zoom meetings with her email subscribers midweek, seriously help to plot a course through the upcoming astrological currents.

Uranus first bolted into this realm on May 15, 2018, giving you a taste of what’s to come between now and April 2026. You are helping us all and if l miss a Zoom i'm able to watch the replay. Remember you are you and beautiful. Change isn’t always optional, which is what many of us will find out in the coming months. For me, it's great just to open on your web site to see what is that specific day's prediction! Uranus in the fifth house wants you to explore as many methods as possible and use them to fuel creation. Insightful, and engaging. This house also rules our humanitarian efforts and is traditionally home to Uranus. I’m amazed how so much is on the money, it’s almost scary sometimes! Adding to the energy, we have Venus moving into Cancer about a week before, drawing our attention once again to our home and family environment.

The information has been extremely useful to me. Often this placement produces visionaries who see the future before others. I guess, I will have to wait and see. Everything from how (and why) you bond with people to the way you invest your money is up for review. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially like me if you love astrology more as a hobby and just want to suck in as much information as you can.

(November 3rd is, of course, a very big day for American Politics – I will not extrapolate on this dimension of astrological interpretation, but all I have to say is PLEASE exercise your right to VOTE!)

Starting August 15, your love life might start flashing “404 Redirect” as disruptive Uranus kicks off its annual five-month retrograde, this time in your fifth house of amour and glamour. But while you do, take time to craft your message, whether words, music or art. This particular Mercury Retrograde begins in the deep waters of transformative Scorpio at 11°, and is influenced heavily by the presence of Uranus being in direct opposition as it stations retrograde on October 13th. Pray for your health and everyone! I feel very much the different energies in people who are unknown to me and can sum them up, usually with uncanny accuracy. Often thought of as the house of travel and wanderlust, the ninth house is where we go to find our truth and knowledge. | On October 27th Mercury will move backward into Libra, and six days later on November 3rd will station direct at the 26th degree.

Awesome Amazing Beautiful Fantastic! I got greater knowledge out of the way you put every aspect in a way I was able to grasp a good look at a bigger picture of what is "blowing in the wind these days!"? Uranus is the great awakener, and often comes with unexpected events or sudden epiphanies that can provide openings for tremendous innovation and insight. Thank you! No more burying your head in the sand: If you’ve been secretly wishing for “something” to shake up a key union, you might be waiting for a long time. For more of her work, visit her website. What does abundance really mean to you and what are willing to change to achieve it?Uranus in 3rd house: The third house rules our communication and systems. A true blessing and so much gratitude. Copyright © 2019-20 Mediarology, Inc. All rights reserved.

This change may be surprising to those around you but will help you feel more aligned with your life path. Hey Kelli, I just love your readings! Thank you. Uranus never actually moves backwards.

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