The PzIII M isn't particularly lacking in armor, either, considering that German mediums have a tendency to get oneshotted anyway. And if you don’t know which tank best suits your needs you’ll face a never-ending cycle of spending five minutes getting to the battle zone only to be greeted with a one-shot fatality. Most, almost all of the time, soviets were superior to similar German tanks. In tier 1 however, the T-50 is best employed in pincer movements where its excellent armour and high speed come into their own. That thing downright EATS everything it sees! 2. Great gun combined with INSANELY BOUNCY ARMOR makes it a beast, honestly i dont know if i was EVER penned at the front glacis. Not sure I agree with much of this.... Machinery of War Discussion ; Ground Forces Discussion ; Germany ; General & Upcoming ; German Tanks -- An overview of Tier 1-3 Sign in to follow this . So with getting used to War Thunder’s unforgiving firefights in mind, here are the best tier 1 tanks for beginners.

The LVT (A)-1 is a tier 1 marauder, soaking up hits with ease and dealing out just as much damage with its snappy 37mm cannon and two rear-mounted machine guns. But it has some spots where you can easily disable it. For example it took me until Rank III to play kursk, the range of most matches mean you have very little advantage over Russian tanks. Halo Games/Lore

I also once while in a BT-7 had to fire about 10 shots at an AI Pz II, straight on, because about half of the damn shots bounced off the a range that couldn't have been more than 250m...then again, AI tanks are freaking invincible. War Thunder, one of the best tank games, constantly shifts between moments of elation and betrayal.

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