This is the classic, mirror-reflective wheel style. Care: Chrome wheels require regular cleaning with mild soap and water and soft rags (never an abrasive like steel wool, which will scratch the finish). Chrome wheels can also be treated with translucent paints for a variety of color choices.

Many aftermarket wheel companies offer a wide variety of hypersilver finishes as well. Fine ground particles of color and resin are electrically charged and sprayed onto the surface. White rims tend to look a bit ricey unless they're factory Honda Integra R rims. Press J to jump to the feed. Depends so much on the specific car i think, and the specific type of "silver" on the vehicle.

Last, a clear acrylic powder coating is sprayed on to seal and protect the finish.

How big is the catalytic converter on a 1992 3.2 Acura legend 4 door sedan. what looks goo on silver. When the translucent silver overlayer is painted on a silver base, it gives a particularly bright effect, while the overlay paint on a black undercoat gives a more smokey look. Care: Use mild soap and water and a microfiber or terry cloth. Today most foreign carmakers offer at least a few wheels in this finish. alloy wheel paint.

Not only that, but they just look bad imo. Those are tacky af. If you got the cheapo ground control coil springs, or some other cheap lowering springs and no struts, or if you just cut em, your handlings screwed anyways and you'll look dorky no matter what wheels you have.

Clear coating is used as an additional touch for many wheel finishes. chrome paint for rims spray paint for rims I am getting the non-perf 85 and I wish I could get the grey wheels. PVD (physical vapor deposition) wheels come with a shine that rivals conventional chrome plating. duplicolor wheel paint. Also the design of the wheel itself really. Learn more about how to shop for custom wheels in our Learning Center, or just come on in with your questions. | Creator | ignoreme | deletthis. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Overwhelmed? A good start to narrowing down your choices is to understand the types of wheel finishes, how the wheel surface is treated to achieve the color and polish type that suits your style. 's i got some silver on alloy 18's that i had on my white 90 ls integra im selling the cause i had bought new tires for my 93 grs, i have silver matiz car which rim colour will be good, i would say gold because it would go good with the color silver, WalMart Spinners.

Follow with Mothers® All-Chrome Quick Polish Detailer and Protectant.

...espicially with JDM front. The color tones and polishes available in painted wheels are pretty much endless, from silver tints to matte black to hot pink, or matched to your vehicle’s body paint color. Used effectively it can attract attention to the wheels without the flash of chrome, and without detracting from the beauty of the car.

Second would be a bronze/gold colour. I'm not a huge domestic car guy but I really like the new mustangs.

Red rim for white car. There are loads of color choices for powder-coated wheels. Hypersilver is a very complex paint process that uses a translucent metallic outer paint laid over a colored undercoat to give the wheels a deep inner glow. This provides the brightest, showiest look of all finishes, nearly as reflective as a mirror.

Wet paint is used for this finish, followed by a clear topcoat to protect the paintwork. Wheel Wax can help keep brake dust off and makes cleaning easier. I’m looking to get new wheels for my 2014 Jetta GLI. It somehow just looks right...even when it really shouldn't. I think you shouldn't do gunmetal. They’re available in lots of color tones. I would go with bronze or gunmetal, maybe some rota circuit 8's. It also assures the wheel paintwork will stay as good as new for years, as long as it’s not nicked or scraped.

I do think black wheels on a silver car is a tad overdone but I still like the way it looks. You obviously never want to damage your wheels, but you especially don't want to damage hypersilver wheels. I agree. The clear coat helps to seal out winter deicing road chemicals, so with proper maintenance, these wheels are a good year-round choice. Industry heads spent years dealing with the multiple barriers to reproducing hypersilver, but it is now possible to refinish hypersilver wheels to a restoration-quality match. I was thinking that, but I don’t want my car to look too silver, The process doesn’t use hexavalent chromium, contains 100 percent of emissions and consumes less energy. If I wanted black wheels I could just pastidip my stock ones. I definitely think you should step out and do gold wheels, or get a very popping color. Polished aluminum on a silver car is probably my favourite combo. What does the upper left button do in my 2006 Acura MDX? Wheels can also be machine-polished to a near-mirror shine with no top coat applied. dont knnow what color to paint my wheels. I agree with black wheels being overused. Clean brake dust off regularly to prevent damage to the finish. By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Different Types of Polished Wheel Finishes, How to Keep an Installer from Damaging Your Wheels, 54 Famous Paintings Made by Famous Artists. Raw aluminum wheels can be hand-polished with a buffer so the surface is completely smooth, then clear coated for a rich shine. Since it's such a neutral color, you could almost go with anything. I'd go black or polished. When the translucent silver overlayer is painted on a silver … Follow up with Mothers® Foaming Wheel and Tire Cleaner. I've had both black and silver wheels.

Finally, the wheel is sealed with a clearcoat for protection and durability. The aesthetics of wheel choice can vastly improve the look of a car or be garish and ugly. Still have questions? First, the wheel is coated with primer. The color tones and polishes available in painted wheels are pretty much endless, from silver tints to matte black to hot pink, or matched to your vehicle’s body paint color.

Clean brake dust off regularly to prevent damage to the finish. Care: Use soap and water or a mild, non-acidic wheel cleaner and a microfiber or terry cloth. Black, Silver or Gunmetal? You can mix and match these on different parts of the wheel face. They looked fantastic. There are some benefits to a PVD finish. Custom wheels and rims come in a dizzying number of designs to suit just about any style or performance you’re jonesing for.

black wheels on a dark car is what you dont want. This, however, means that the cost of refinishing hypersilver wheels is substantially more than a standard painted or machined wheel. My current silver car is a Merc C-class, which has very boring alloy wheels. here are the wheels i have. Curious what people have on their cars and how they look. Clean brake dust off regularly to prevent damage to the finish. i saw a new bmw the other day, medium dark silver with dark silver wheels, tints. /r/Cars is the largest automotive enthusiast community on the Internet. Use Mothers® Foaming Wheel and Tire Cleaner. A translucent paint is then applied on top of the base coat in a vacuum chamber. You can sign in to vote the answer. I don't think you'll be very satisfied with teh look. Wheels can be made with matte (a flatter shine), gloss (high shine), satin (in between matte and gloss) and mirror (reflective) options. On wheels with a black underlayer, any damage can become uniquely visible (and quite annoying) when picked out by a nice black outline.

I agree with gunmetal:

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