[18] His love of cats is so strong that he masterminds a plan to spring all of his captured animals from the animal shelter after they were rounded up and held for reasons of neglect during the construction of Lahey's Luxury Estates and the dismantling of Sunnyvale. ("The Target"), In 2002, Bubbles was a homeless heroin addict and a mentor to Johnny Weeks. Open liquor and illegal nightclub (framed by Lahey), Common Bootlegging. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [7] It is not known where the relationship went after that as Jenny is never mentioned again. [3], Eventually, Bubbles turns his preference for shed-life into a business plan.

Button up shirtsPossibly Autistic The only time we ever see Bubbles involved in any romantic pursuits is in Countdown to Liquor Day when he falls for a cute employee of the animal shelter named "Jenny" while trying to get his cats back from impound. Seasons [19], Bubbles says his father was "The Hammer", a local hockey player whose description fits real hockey player Dave Schultz. Previous Occupations Name

In Jacob's case this belief is intensified after it is revealed that Jacob has an unknown element in his blood that gives him a severe allergic reaction to dogs and red skin. Bubbles doesn't appear to have a proper first name (unless his parents actually named him this); instead, his name is based on his love of soap bubbles and a mechanical bubble making machine his parents left him.

Trivia. The only exception to this is The Swayzie Express operation in season seven, which was basically masterminded by Bubbles himself after he stole the model locomotive from a train show in Maine. Bubbles hugs Blossom. It was in doing so that he met a young homeless boy, whom Bubbles took on as his new friend and protégé. Also known as Sherrod never makes it to school, however, and after a brief fall-out with Bubbles he returns to help him sell goods from the shopping carts.


Reginald Cousins He paged Greggs after she had promised to help him with money and stay clean, not realizing that she had been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after a buy-and-bust went bad. Status Mid to Late 40s The two ran a scam creating counterfeit money with a photocopier and using coffee to stain and age it, making the fake money look real. As that deadline draws near, TVLine is Seargent Jay Landsman and other officers restrained Holley and called in Jimmy McNulty to clear things up. Bubbles was a former associate of Squeak, then Bernard's girlfriend. After he was nearly killed trying to steal some drugs, he tried to get off the needle, but reverted to his old habits when Greggs was shot. Age Fixin' shopping cartsKittyland Love CenterBubbles Shed-N-BreakfastBubbles Pizza SauceFreedom 35 Beer. Bubbles is an awkward looking fellow, with thick glasses, odd clothing, a sometimes hoarse and cracking voice, and a host of physical mannerisms which are unique only to him and his ugly ass mom that left him. [10], His general demeanour and desire for peace finds him in the middle of tense situations in order to calm things down, or impart some personal wisdom to the parties involved, which is ultimately accepted. Aliases Having said that, early on, he was shown to quote Plato and 'Catcher In The Rye', which seems to illustrate that at least some level of education is present in him.

Bubbles (portrayed by Mike Smith) is an awkward looking denizen of Sunnyvale who has lived there all his life in sheds of various types. Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins is a recovering heroin addict and a former Confidential Informant for the Baltimore Police Department. Bubbles shouting, "WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE COLOR?!?!?!?!?!" When the results come back negative, Bubbs is disappointed, knowing he'd shared needles with Johnny, who was positive. As the police were looking for murder suspects, he was mistaken as a suspect and then was brutally beaten by Detective Vernon Holley in the interrogation room. He was arrested by Officer Santangelo while trying to steal needles and morphine from an ambulance; in exchange for his release, he tipped off Greggs and McNulty to the new alliance between Proposition Joe and Stringer Bell. 2020 Broadcast-TV Renewal Scorecard Trailer Park Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Career [11], Bubbles is also quick to realize an opportunity when he sees it. His odd appearance does not go unnoticed; occasionally, strangers unfamiliar with Bubbles seem to be put off by his unusual demeanor and looks. A Baltimore Sun reporter becomes interested in the drug trade and its effect on the city and its people and he interviews Bubbles, printing a column about his life story.

Later, Johnny died of an overdose in one of Major Colvin's "Hamsterdam" zones. Bubbles Bubbles sad at the argument of her sisters . The next day, Johnny attempted the scam but was caught and assaulted by Bodie, Poot, and Wallace.

Sergeant Landsman sees that the death was unintentional and decides, despite the negative impact on the homicide unit's clearance rate, to send Bubbles to a psychiatric facility at a state hospital than charge Bubbles with murder.[1]. Bubbles replaces his protégé with another young boy named Sherrod. Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins is a recovering heroin addict and a former Confidential Informant for the Baltimore Police Department. ("The Target"). His cart operation's main purpose was to provide food and medical care for the 'kitties', and he doesn't stand for anyone interfering with this arrangement. One of Bubbles's strongest character traits is his ethics or sense of right and wrong, which most of the other characters seem to lack. Stream the The JV Show Quickies episode, We Finally Get Some Answers From Bubbles' Ex-Boyfriend, free & on demand on iHeartRadio. Confidential Informant, BPD (?-2006) Most often the situation described above occurs at those times when Ricky and Julian are at odds, and Bubbles has to act as mediator. Walon encourages Bubbs to take an HIV test and accompanies him to the clinic. Oh well....hope her replacment is good. By season's end, Bubbles was selling white t-shirts to young drug dealers. Josh and Chuck have you covered. [17] Bubbles even opened a cat daycare center in the park, which he called The Kittyland Love Center, and it managed to stay in business for a while. The dynamic btwn Rico, JV and Christie really worked. Bubbles put them in touch with an undercover Lester Freamon, allowing the unit's plan to wire tap the phones to proceed.

He also does it in mid-sentence a couple of times. He was incarcerated for an unknown reason and released three months before the start of the series. Answer Save. Bubbles playing in the bathtub. Sherrod had trouble with the math involved and asked Bubbles to help re-enroll him in school. He is a very emotion-driven individual, given his abandonment at an early age. By mid-May, the broadcast networks must make some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2018-19 TV season, and which… won’t. Biographical Information Bubbles grudgingly agreed, and in a nervous encounter with a shotgun-wielding Omar, who baited Bubbs and Johnny with a steam radiator to sell for scrap, delivered McNulty's message. First seen

Bubbles (portrayed by Mike Smith) is an awkward looking denizen of Sunnyvale who has lived there all his life in sheds of various types. Bubbles also has the ability to blast her opponents with sonic scream, making her a deadly force to be reckoned with. Bubbles in space. Series/Season Johnny's assault impelled a distraught Bubbles to inform on the Barksdale Organization for Detective Greggs.

[8]. [2]Julian buys Bubbles a replacement shed once he returns from jail using his share of the money from the Airstream dope operation. 6 Answers. Crew chief D'Angelo Barksdale immediately recognized the cash as counterfeit and instructed his dealers to remain alert for potential scammers. Bubbles was successful in using the counterfeit cash to purchase heroin from Barksdale dealer Wallace in the low-rise McCulloh Homes public housing project. "-30-" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

After efforts by Herc to protect him fail, Bubbles concocts a "hot shot" of heroin and sodium cyanide that he supposes will be stolen from him by the vagrant and then consumed by him. Bubs It is assumed that Bubbles endured bullying as a child, as he is very sensitive to being called a "googly-eyed bastard", and often expresses feelings of loneliness.

In Sherrod's absence, however, Bubbles has become the daily victim of another street addict, who constantly robs him and beats him.

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