His position on the team's name -- and the opposition to that name -- is not only a public relations issue, it's problematic at a business level.

How we got here, and what's next, O'Connor: The Patriots miss Tom Brady more every Sunday.

"You can use all caps.".

"Mr. Projected 2021 NFL draft order: Jets are favorite for No. (2:00).

Would you defend your right to free speech under the First Amendment? Still, some aren't convinced. (FedEx asked for a thorough review of the team's name at the behest of its investors.). My grandfather stared for a moment, then nodded. Covered the Redskins for the Washington Examiner and other media outlets since 1994, Authored or co-authored three books on the Redskins and one on the Cleveland Browns. But if it really wants a fresh start, it should change its name. It's just a word. How would you respond? As brands around the globe assess their stance on race issues, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests? "I know Indians that are extremely proud of that name," Trump said. "They think it's a positive.". I understand it's important to many people. I'm far from perfect.) In response, team owner Daniel Snyder once, vowed to USA Today that he would never change, ongoing legal battle over the team's federal trademark registrations, Nine out of 10 Native Americans surveyed say they aren't offended by the team's name, third most valuable NFL franchise at $2.85 billion.

It would be … Reinvention is how brands stay relevant; it’s how brands survive. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Another reason why the Washington Redskins should not change their is because some Native Americans have actually taken part on the process of making the team name and logo. the man said in response. If there’s a time when definitive proof can be provided as evidence that a majority of Native Americans find the name to be offensive and in need of change, then the Washington Redskins franchise should alter its name accordingly. Smith?"

Later I asked him why he said it. Would you use concepts like heritage and tradition as a justification? But that doesn't mean it's not necessary to reimagine your brand for a new generation that thinks and feels differently from previous generations.

We were at a store and as we walked past my grandfather used the word in greeting. If you're a die-hard Carolina fan, would you stop rooting for the team if they were no longer the Panthers? The Washington Redskins logo and brand identity need to change too.

© 2020 Forbes Media LLC. And I'm not surprised that Nike pulled its Redskins merchandise from its website. The team’s fans and owner want to keep the name because it’s a traditional name of a proud franchise. I don't agree with them, and I don't agree that this is a valid way of surveying public opinion in Indian Country.". And this rule of intention applies equally to FedEx too. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Treating people -- all people -- with respect and dignity is not just good business. My grandfather clearly thought nothing of it, and apparently -- to my naive eyes, at least -- neither did Nate.

Why Won't Washington Redskins Change Their Name? As many know, I'm not a big fan of cancel culture. Thirdly, brands mustn't practice tokenism in equality. What can the Buccaneers expect from Antonio Brown?

Fantasy fallout: Can big gains continue for RBs J.K. Dobbins, Zack Moss, Damien Harris? The name issue puts them squarely at odds with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who already has called for the Redskins to change their name. pponents of the name have gathered significant support from U.S. senators, from. My grandfather turned. Nine out of 10 Native Americans surveyed say they aren't offended by the team's name. "However, that proud resilience does not give the NFL a license to continue marketing, promoting, and profiting off of a dictionary-defined racial slur-one that tells people outside of our community to view us as mascots.".

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