Military Staff and Command Cars are used for light transportation duties for senior officers and their communications. Unless you really need to park you’ll keep going. Especially important if the boys wanted to take out a girl on Friday night, or Saturday night. I loved the smell of the exhaust gas as my dad drove away to work, or after he came home at night. Copyright © 2000-2020 Dreamstime. Get model. We do not sell any of the items showcased on this site. I look at my collection of cars today, a 2012 Grand Cherokee, a 2008 Highlander and a 2011 Tundra, and only the Tundra evokes emotion in me, because of that magnificent 5.7-liter engine under the hood. And heat from the heater was nearly instant, even on wintry days. 234/4 Schwere Panzerspähwagen (8-Rad) Heavy Armoured Car; Steyr ADGZ Heavy Armoured Car (from Austrian annex) She had to put several pillows under her, so she could see over the wheel and to parallel park, but she never complained about the steering on the Caddy and preferred driving it over our new 66′ Olds 442 with manual steering. Now if you look at the Duesenbergs and Packards of the 20’s and 30’s those were some very beautiful cars inside and out. And their lust for each other lasted until they died. The back seat area was large enough to use TV trays when we went to a burger shack, we kept them in the huge trunk. That will save you the enormous sum of $60 per year. When not in use, these special government G4s were stored in the various castles under ownership by the Fuhrer.

They later sold the Ford at a profit and bought a new Chevy. Download this stock image: World War Two Soldier & Morris 10-4 Staff Car, England. Sounds like your dad was a frugal and prudent man.

@Jeff S But it served him well. One day, when my dad drove it to work it started knocking real bad. Regardless, Hitler was keen on its utilization when touring "post-battle" battlefields or when reaching hard-pressed troop areas for morale visits. As I often said back then and now when referring to the reliability and road ability of the 41′ Caddy… ‘I would have no reservations about driving the Caddy to New York and back. Mercedes-Benz 770K 1936 . And today, if that opportunity was available, I would still do it.

Hence, he bought my daughter, his grand daughter, a house in West El Paso, TX. For its day, it was a real go-getter with an exhaust note all its own because of the side-valves.

Because of my life’s experiences, and like your family, I believe in helping to pay for my kids’ and grandkids’ education. Copyright complaints  ~   I was just a small child when my dad owned various cars of this vintage. I prefer new vehicles with their safety features but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate older cars and trucks.

More people today are pre-disposed to buy “throw-away” cars. The Mercedes-Benz W31 type G4 was a German three-axle off-road vehicle first produced by Mercedes-Benz as a staff/command car for the Wehrmacht in 1934. It was used by successive Chiefs of the Imperial General Staff until its retirement in 1964.

The Mercury stayed parked on the street in front of our house until one day when I came home from school, and it was gone. Instead, they resorted to painting the trim, sort of how restomodders will have faux chrome trim painted on their cars, but in this case it was real trim, just coated with colored paint instead of chrome. Full gallery here.

Funny story. (Showcased powerplant information pertains to the, (Showcased performance values pertain to the, (Showcased armament details pertain to the. So long as you were moving, the steering was easy, though slow with all those turns lock-to-lock. By the way, besides being a very durable tire, they were the first ‘run flat’ tires. Military Issue equipment, clothing, boots, MREs, MOLLE gear and much more.

I was the third owner. If you inflation adjust your dollars, the cost of buying low-end cars is about the same as it was back then.

Hitler himself found favor in the large G4 series as the car provided for a most imposing presentation with its long running length and rugged six-wheeled arrangement.

Eisenhower was a great president.

Full gallery here. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'olive_drab_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',321,'0','0']));The September 1943 War Department manual TM 9-2800 ("Standard Military Motor Vehicles") lists two 5-Passenger 4x2 Sedan models: • Light: Manufactured by Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth

The exterior was nearly perfect, with few real issues except the tires and a dent in one of the hubcaps. Jack Roush’s 1941 Ford U.S. Army Air Corps staff car replica. You could put a glass of water on the air cleaner and it was still, showing no vibration.

As far as I know, that Mercury went South to Tijuana as that was what happened to most American cars sold to Mexicans or stolen in Southern California at that time. 1 x Daimler-Benz M24 OR M24 II 8-cylinder, in-line, 5.0 OR 5.4-liter, air-cooled engine delivering 108 horsepower at 3,400rpm.

I actually use my vehicles. The Tundra 5.7 is the Rolex watch of the truck world. As for the interior, the seats were like sitting on a very good couch.

Talk about oooogly! Navy

Jobs/pay are fewer, upkeep, costs, and liability are higher. Jack Roush has a 1941 Ford U.S. Army Air Corps staff car replica in his collection, but with rank goes privilege and Buick, Cadillac and Packard also made staff cars. Material presented throughout this website is for historical and entertainment value only and should not to be construed as usable for hardware restoration, maintenance, or general operation. Eisenhower’s girlfriend is an interesting piece of tidbit.

Thanks for reading – RJS. Militaria If you did, you’d park it after a few minutes and be happy admiring it from afar. A working man was paid an honest salary and could afford a nice home and a new car every few years. 3D models of World War II are available for download in fbx, obj, max, 3ds, c4d file formats. Civilian car manufacturer Humber also manufactured two 8 cwt vehicles that were used by the British military throughout World War 2. I would find that hard to believe.

I can’t help thinking that must be a terrible shot of Kay Summersby. Hobbylinc carries over 600 world war ii - wwii german military model vehicle kits at discounts up to 50%. Car park reserved for staff members only.

The love that my brothers and I developed for cars and trucks was largely driven by having to tinker on them to keep them running, even when new. Some models are based on civilian automobiles while others are based on tactical trucks, depending on combat or non-combat missions. Automakers just don’t seem to get that. (Showcased structural values pertain to the.

It may be painted olive drab but the Cadillac crest and name is all over the car, every logo is intact.

When the U.S. entered WWI, Packard made a custom Twin Six for the use of U.S. commander Gen. “Black Jack” Pershing. This meant, that as the oldest, I often would inherit my dad’s clothes, cars, trucks and what not, and pass it on to the next kid in line when I had outgrown the use of them. Gen. Eisenhower’s driver, Kay Summersby, poses with one of the general’s Cadillac staff cars. The car despite its weight, accelerated smartly with 150Hp and prodigious torque production down low. Mercedes-Benz G4 Offroader 1939.

"K" Names Some as staff car drivers, some as lorry drivers and others as ambulance drivers; chosen, as we were told, for our slow and steady driving. In the U.S., Brazil and other American countries the frequent colour is flat olive-drab.

My father has a great story about my grandfather of the horse trading that was necessary during the later stages of the war. No credible automotive journalist picks the Tundra as better than the Ram truck. But if the EPA and CAFE mandates cause Toyota to drop the Tundra 5.7, my choice in 2015/2016 trucks would be an F250, preferably with the largest gas engine available. A number of 1939 and 1940 year cars were in the photo because California was not on gasoline rationing then. The car is beautiful, but I’m a little surprised at how Spartan the interior of the Caddy is. In 1892 his family moved to Abilene, Kansas, where he grew up. Well, for as long as the item lasted anyway. Asked By Wiki User. Over the next six years, the war was fought on two fronts -- the European and Pacific theaters. Modern gas fuel station has many types of oil for filling to car and vehicle With staff waiting to serve customers. Few survived the years and have a rather odd look presaging the few similar made in 1946. It has previously been bought for a multiple re-use license which is still valid. Service stations were supposed to limit sales to 5 gal per customer. Another famous example is Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's, commander in chief of the Allied Forces on the Western Front during World War II, Packard Clipper 1942 staff car. Other commenters have asked me how I can afford to do all that.

Surplus My older brother got a black 1948 Buick Roadmaster 4 dr sedan a few years after he got married for a second car. The September 1943 War Department manual TM 9-2800 ("Standard Military Motor Vehicles") lists two 5-Passenger 4x2 Sedan models: • Light: Manufactured by Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth • Heavy: Manufactured by Buick, Packard "F" Names Get model. 1940s. My father would keeping his cars and other things literally till they fell apart–waste not, want not. People on the truck website get all uptight about square wheel wells or Government Motors, but they don’t have any idea what it is like to go without a car (or new car) for 4 or 5 years and to have gasoline and consumer staples rationed for the war effort. He said the Dodges were good for following someone because they were fairly quick but he said if an agent was tailing the Russians and they knew it they could not be outrun in their Cadillacs. "H" Names What is the value of a nazi flag off a staff car from World War 2? However, just because they stopped production of automobiles for civilian use doesn’t mean that the American car companies completely stopped building cars. At least not for us. The “blackout” ’42 is in the basement of the museum with the other military related Studebaker products like horse drawn water wagons used in WWI and the M229 Weasel tracked vehicle used in WWII.

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